Friday, May 22, 2015


I'm dying at what a terrible blogger I am! At least my real reason for this blog is to help me remember moments with Whit that otherwise I would forget. And that will come in handy since I just bought some fancy-dancy new baby books. Yes, I bought a baby book for my two and half year old. I wasn't a huge fan of the one I bought before he was born and I needed another for Baby Girl, so why not get two new (NICE!) sort of matching ones. If you want a fancy modern baby book for yourself, here's where I bought them. I got a Cosmic Love for Whit and a Little Miss for Baby Girl, since we're only 20 weeks in I have no theme, no name, nothing for her yet.

I just looked back at my last post about the resolutions and this may be one of my worst years for this sort of thing. Partially because we're expecting and the morning sickness was damn near debilitating again. I started the meetup group and it failed spectacularly. I haven't been structured with my volunteer work, but I've been helping out almost every time I can. I'm reading the Bible thanks to an app, and just now starting to read more books thanks to my mom's group. (But I've only read 1.5 books so far :-/ ) The debt is paid off for now and we had an emergency fund built up, until the emergencies started piling up. The clothing making is on hold until I'm back to a normalish size. And the savings project is on track, so we'll see!

What's happened in the past five months...hmmm... We're expecting Baby #2 and everyone is excited, even more so that it's a girl. Whitman went to preschool for the first time and it was a little rocky at first, but I think he enjoyed it. Yesterday was his last day and his teacher told me how much she'd miss him since he's the only one who talks. We have made a ton of strong friendships with other mommies through the mom's group I joined last year and I'm so happy! We visited my in-laws at their new home in Orange Beach for the first time last weekend, and I will have to share those pictures! Wow, so not a lot has happened. Time just flies these days! :)