Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm one of those parents.

Well, not one of THOSE parents...sort of... I confess, I entered my son in a baby photo contest! Ah well, I've never been against shameless attempts at glory. I was (am?) and actress after all and see no problem with making profit off your looks or ability to say things with feeling. (I'm snickering at that last part)

Ben and I have even talked about getting Whit some headshots made, and mine redone, to send off to agents in Nashville. And I straight up told Ben if we had a girl she was doing pageants. Don't worry I'm no Toddler and Tiaras mom, but I'm not against winning savings bonds to add to the college fund. I mean, I did a few pageants growing up and I'm fine! I still just as much a tomboy, hate wearing makeup and don't care how I look or what other people think of how I look. BAM, no body issues here, thank God!

Anyways, here's my shameless begging: if you've got two seconds in between cute baby animal pictures, send a vote Whit's way here:

He's technically a cute baby animal?

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