Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bye bye Stitch Fix, Hello Golden Tote

Warning: You're about to see a bunch of pictures guest starring a dirty mirror, an unmade bed, laundry everywhere and a cluttered bathroom vanity. Just sayin'.

Okay! I've been an faithful subscriber to Stitch Fix for almost a year and recently have given up on it. I wish I could share the video of my last box but my idiot self deleted it somehow instead of posting it to YouTube. Greeeeaaaaat!

Here were the highlights: I got one super cute top. I received a shirt in a different color and "different brand" but was the EXACT SAME SHIRT I bought from them 5+ months ago! I was annoyed. And I mentioned that I tried a small tote from Golden Tote and was in lurve. <3

You can read how it works on the website, so I won't relive it here for you. But I will say, look around the shop before you order! I ordered a large tote this month with an add-on and bought it in a hurry. What I *should* have done is rearrange the order and I could have saved about $10. Durrrr!

So there's my items out of the box. Ahhh, it's that Christmas feeling again! The big difference between GT and SF is with GT it's all or nothing. So you either keep everything (because you've already bought it) or you return the whole thing for a refund. At first I was worried about that, but when you think about it, it's a better deal. I'm never spending $20 on nothing like I did with SF. And there is a way to get rid of the unwanted/doesn't fit clothes, I'll tell you about in a bit.

So here's my add-on that ended up being PERFECT! Btw, that's my happy face....

I didn't say it was a pretty happy face!
 Here's one of the items I picked out myself. I don't know what I was thinking picking something orange, sheesh! It was pretty great, except a little too big in the chest, so it was a no-go. Womp, womp...

And the top is the other item I picked out. Along with a pair of denim shorts that was a surprise item in the tote.

I wasn't thrilled at first because the top was a little big and the shoulders a little pointy, but I've grown to really really like it. Plus Ben voted for it and if a guy has an opinion on clothes, then take it! The shorts I've decided to keep since apparently I cannot find any longer denim shorts that fit this year. And they make my thighs look amazing!

Another surprise top that was just kinda icky on me. Wow, I should never wear florals! And I'm so long waisted that it was nearly a crop top on me. I don't think my post-baby belly will ever be ready for crop tops again!

 Another surprise top:

Not terrible, but a little tight on the arms, and what's with the tail???

Last surprise top. Which is still hanging in my closet because I can't decide what to do with it. It's a little too tight for my taste, but Ben thought I could pull it off. I kinda like the stripes and I looooove teal, but it feels like I have to suck in all the time. Can you tell I'm unsure about it?

SO! If you get something that doesn't quite fit or, heaven forbid, you hate it you have a couple of options. GT will tell you to try the Facebook group they have for trading and selling. Which is where I did the bulk of mine. You can also try eBay (where I'm selling one top) or has a trading portion to the site. That last one is invite only and I've been waiting a couple of days for an invite, but nothing yet.

But, y'all. The Facebook group is where it's at! Even when I got my mini-tote in June and kept both items I went ahead and joined the group. It's a group of such awesome, funny, supportive and stylish women. Mostly it's for trading and selling, but often we're asking each other for styling advice, sharing how we wore the pieces, or just shooting the breeze. It's like having a TON of sisters without any sibling rivalry. Plus, you can see spoilers there for items in the upcoming totes.

So there you have it! I honestly think I'll just buy a tote a month and stop shopping in stores altogether. It will definitely save us money and tons of time, since clothes are my addiction. If you want to try it out, or maybe gift a tote to someone, you can look into it more here.

Btw, here's how I ended up wearing one of my tops for a day at the park and sandbox with Whit...

I am dying laughing at what a terrible model I am! You would think I'm terribly unhappy, but I'm so unphotogenic that I can't even attempt to smile anymore in selfies. LOL! 


  1. do you have a Facebook group name so I can send a friend request

    1. Sure! Here is a link: :)