Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pics from the Dr. Seuss baby shower

Well I'm up at two in the morning, so why not catch up on posting pictures? This is why I hate taking naps, but everyone tells you to sleep when you can, so I did. Now I probably won't go back to sleep until 4 or 5 though, grr! Anyhoo, I realized I haven't posted the few pictures I have from the Dr. Seuss shower my sister and mom put together. Sorry for the terrible quality, they're iphone pictures since I had left my good camera at home.

The dining room had a bunch of quotes from his books hanging from the ceiling.

Mom, Shan, Cousin Amanda, and Shan's friend Amanda all made different foods that were Dr. Seuss-themed. So neat!

Mom crocheted little "Cat in the Hat" hats filled with jelly beans as favors. 

aka- Mississippi caviar, mmmmm!

Shanna's friend's Amanda's super secret punch. Oh good night I love punch!

Cousin Amanda's addictive chicken salad sandwiches. The entire family is ravenous for these!

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