Thursday, July 19, 2012

Add this to things to not watch while pregnant...

I've been told before to not watch Alien while pregnant if you've never seen it before, because you are guaranteed to have nightmares. Well, I've had The Business of Being Born on our Netflix queue for a while now and thought, what an appropriate time to watch a birthing documentary! Not exactly. Well, not exactly if you are like me and are a worrywart or you aren't really sure what you're doing during the birth. I've already got my mind set on the epidural, so the talk about doing it natural and at home fell on deaf ears. But I could see how watching this would make people think they were hurting they're baby by choosing my path, which I think is a little unfair. Some of the information in it is really interesting (and terrifying), like the history of hospital births circa 1950s...yikes! But some of the information is just opinions of people, and there's no sources! From a documentarian's point of view, it's kind of weak. BUT, it did get me used to seeing births. There are a couple in the film, and I didn't look away once and I'm rather proud of that. Maybe my fear is finally subsiding. Or maybe I'm fed up with being pregnant and ready for this to be over?

Went to the weekly doctor appointment yesterday and met another of the doctors, this one also seemed painfully shy but was very nice. Unfortunately we didn't make that much progress this past week. She said I'm 1cm dilated externally, but nothing internally, so not technically dilated at all. Which kinda confused me, but maybe a I have a long cervix to go with it being crazy high as well?

Ah well, as excited as I am to meet him, I'm willing to wait until he's fully baked. I just worry about him being late and my doctor wanting to induce. That's the only thing that seems kinda sketchy to me. 

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