Monday, June 23, 2014


I am so tired of not being in our forever home. It drives me crazy not getting to put what I want in our house and constantly worrying about resale value. For instance, I'm dying over these:

Also, majorly goofed on a project in our kitchen yesterday and I'm taking a huge step back and trying something vastly different. More on that later!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Stitch Fix, cont.

I have kept my Stitch Fix subscription for almost a year now, and I'm just now thinking of switching over to a different service. Which was perfect timing for me to decide suddenly that I should record my reactions when I open the Stitch Fix....dur! If you're interested (and have time to spare, because good. God. I am wordy!) here's where you can check out my last two months reviews/reveals.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Oh man I cannot believe it's June already! Or, time flies when you're having fun.

Also, I never know from day to day what to post. Then we get super busy, have a lot of fun in the real world, aaaaand I never update my blog. Ah well, I guess that means we're living life, right? So here's the past month in pictures and captions!

First there was Franklin's Touch-a-Truck, which we've been waiting for for months. It is the simplest, best thing for young kids ever!

And for those adults who have always wanted to ride on the back of a (clean) garbage truck

We got a free, teal leather couch. WHAT WHAT!

Whit found new and interesting sleep positions...

My family came to visit! Which involved the Tennessee Renaissance Faire...

King Whitman and his silly Big Daddy

Fried Oreos! Mmmmmm....droooool

Checking out the falcons and owls with Mimi and Aunt Jo

Finally! Someone to draw the elusive cat-truck he's been asking for.
 And the Nashville Zoo...


This is a new exhibit where you can walk around with the kangaroos. This is the cropped picture

Here it is uncropped.

Someone was exhausted! 

And Cousin Logan was not! I'm pretty sure he didn't sleep the entire visit!

My sister Shanna, her son Logan and my dog Foster. Shanna is Foster's favorite person for some reason. 
Then Whit got instantly ill the next day. Spiked a 102 fever out of nowhere and I had to strip him down and drive home. Btw, he's wearing a diaper, you just can't really see it.

So I was in a show. The Female Odd Couple at the Old School Theatre in Spring Hill. And being in a show means you frequent the local thrift shops a lot. Which lead me to this horrifying number:

 And this sweet deal!

Random shot of new hurr cut and holy cow is it getting long!

Put the kiddo to work making me some more art...

Entered Whit in Publix's cute kid contest for bedhead. If you'd like to send us a vote, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Ran the Fired Up n Fit obstacle-5k for a local charity with my friend, Brandy. It was a lot of fun: logs over creeks, muddy trenches, running through fire. Yesss!

So that show I was in? It was set in the '80s, so here was my nightly hair prep:

And on the second night, we had a big storm come through and the power went out. So what do we do? Take a page from my old community college and turn the flashlights cell phones on the stage. The whole cast was handing me their cell phones, then the audience started doing the same. So I put them on the edge like old-timey footlights. Live theatre, folks! It's exhilarating! 

The view from the audience.
 Whit's been doing better and better with his letters every day.

And is already interested in baseball, much to my husband's delight.

Why yes, that is a kid's fireman's helmet.
And has been helping me with some shelves I'm building...

Child labor, ftw!
One of our gymnastics classes. The foam pit is our favorite. I mean, HIS favorite, ummm, yeahhh.

And here's where I promise I'll be a better poster, but we both know it's not likely. So we just smile and nod and say see you then! 

How we played: DIY bubbles, son!

Easiest thing ever. I wish I had looked it up sooner, but I guess it's one of those things you pin and never look back on? But once Whit became a bubble addict, I had to do something 'cause the store bought stuff ain't cheap, sister!

1/2 c Dawn
2 c water
2 tsp sugar

Combine and boom! you're done. So far it's worked great and keeps easy in a mason jar in the closet.

And works in every bubble thing we own: big bubble wands, little bubble wands, and bubble guns. Except the big Fubbles pot we bought, it's just as annoying with this as anything else. Don't waste your money! Bite the bullet, be a lazy mom and buy a decent bubble gun. Your lungs will thank you!


Just don't do it. That sucker gave us two bubbles and was done. I knew better. I had read reviews, but fell into the "but it's so cute" and "surely a Fisher-Price thing would work" traps. Trust me, it's crap, don't buy it! 

Spend that money on a bubble bazooka! :-)