Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How we played: DIY bubbles, son!

Easiest thing ever. I wish I had looked it up sooner, but I guess it's one of those things you pin and never look back on? But once Whit became a bubble addict, I had to do something 'cause the store bought stuff ain't cheap, sister!

1/2 c Dawn
2 c water
2 tsp sugar

Combine and boom! you're done. So far it's worked great and keeps easy in a mason jar in the closet.

And works in every bubble thing we own: big bubble wands, little bubble wands, and bubble guns. Except the big Fubbles pot we bought, it's just as annoying with this as anything else. Don't waste your money! Bite the bullet, be a lazy mom and buy a decent bubble gun. Your lungs will thank you!


Just don't do it. That sucker gave us two bubbles and was done. I knew better. I had read reviews, but fell into the "but it's so cute" and "surely a Fisher-Price thing would work" traps. Trust me, it's crap, don't buy it! 

Spend that money on a bubble bazooka! :-)


  1. Must make bubbles!
    And no on the mower? BOO that was going to be a birthday present!
    We have a Fubbles too. With fresh batteries and a full tank that thing rocks. Any use on the batteries and less than 3/4 full...pooooooo

  2. Definitely a no on the mower! We've got two Fubbles things, but not a gun. It's such a great idea, but they make their wands so dinky you get 1-2 bubbles a blow and that's it!