Tuesday, May 13, 2014


A week? It's been a week since I've written?! That's crazy, but I guess time flies when you're having fun. And this past week has definitely been fun. So let's see...

A certain someone in our house has inherited his mother's love of water, sun and dirt:

This look is as I'm telling him to not eat dirt. 

And below was right before I took him in yesterday. He had thrown dirt all over himself and the water table and played in the water so he was filthy, wet and thoroughly pleased. I, on the other hand, was trying all day to get dirt off his privates thanks to the event.

No joke, this kid does something every day to crack me up. When we were playing with the hose, I was trying to figure out why the thing leaks like crazy. I had taken the trigger off and Whit found it, took it to the hose end, tried to put it on and when he couldn't, he just stood there yelling "hey!" and pointing at the pieces. 

Let's see... then I shot a commercial for my old job. Which meant I found my new glasses, dagnabit!

Cute, right?! 
Then this past weekend was just chill and nice. We ate out Friday night with Ben's mom and stepdad. Saturday was spent getting Whit some new shoes, which he LOVED. (PS- double check the folks at Stride Rite. We normally go to a local place, and when this lady measured Whit's feet she got 6.5. Wellll, he was growing out of some 7.5's. I had to convince her to give us 8's! I think poor kid might have my flat, wide feet.) Then we went to Whole Foods for some Kind bars, which we're kind of addicted to right now. See what I did there? ;-) Anyhoo, they were having tons of samples and crafts for older kids. And I found what my Mother's Day breakfast was going to be...

Strawberry cream scones with lemon-lavender glaze. Oh sweet baby Jesus it was delicious! It's got me thinking about starting to bake again. I've always loved it, but I don't do it much since most of the things I make are terrible for you. Maybe I should work on my late-night bakery idea...

Oh and remember that plant I'm glad I didn't pull out?

Uh yeah, look at the gorgeousness!
And here's a gratuitous shot of my fuchsia...

Mother's Day was nice and exciting and interesting. But that's another post for sure!

Then yesterday I went to a flower arranging workshop at Whole Foods. It was too awesome a deal. For $10, you get snacks, glass of wine and take home your bouquet. It was fun and I enjoyed the fellow teaching it, James. He talked about his passion for flowers and I totally understood what he meant. The other ladies I was with seemed to not get it, but we creative folks understand each other, ya know?

Me, my bouquet, and James
My friend Kim's bouquet, her MIL and flowers and MIL's friend with hers
The other ladies I was with got a little frustrated with their bouquets and the "no rules" philosophy, but I rather liked mine and it was the first try. Maybe I need to look into floral arrangements? Ha!

Not bad, right?
So it's been an exciting week! And this one is shaping up to be similar. We had gym this morning, a playdate tomorrow and Franklin's Touch-a-Truck is Friday. Plus I have to be off book for rehearsals tonight (yeah, right). I'll just go and work on those lines now...

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