Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gardening and Shopping (sort of)

Today was spent going to our first gymnastics class and it was... interesting. Whit loved it and I guess that's what matters. I thought there would be some structure to it or none at all, but it was a weird mix of the two and no explanation of what we were supposed to do where. But one thing Whit and I both understood well was the foam pit. He frickin' loved it and I was trying really hard to not climb up the inflatable mountain and swan dive into the sucker. Alas, I have no pictures from this morning. I'll try to sneak some in next week. Instead here's what we've been up to lately...

Finally got to clean up the front flower bed a little and add the hostas I got for $1 a piece. Here's the before (and this is after I had already weeded about ten minutes)...

And after... 

I'm hoping to come across some cheap or free edging on Craigslist. Since we aren't planning on staying in this house for very long, I've become a cheapskate about upgrades.

Here's the view from the sidewalk, before:

And after...

The tough thing about landscaping at a new house is not knowing what in the world is in your flower beds. About a month ago I wasn't sure what this was and thought it might be a huge weed. But at the last house I made that mistake with a cute phlox and decided to wait. And am I glad! Not only is it not a weed, but I'm pretty sure it's a peony that's going to bloom any day now. I love the smell of peonies, but have never managed to keep one alive, so I'm thrilled!

Still not sure about whatever is growing to its right, though...

And yesterday we visited the local Wal-Mart (wah wah wah). Normally I don't give them money, but I needed something that I could only get there or 20 minutes away. Since it was only one thing we were after I let little man do whatever he wanted and wander the store.

Of course the Jeeps were a big hit. He owns a mini four wheeler at home and will barely touch the thing, but he hopped into every. one. of. these. cars. All twelve of them. He would turn the wheel, say "vroom vroom" and when nothing happened he'd crawl into the next one. 

Of course we also had to try on rolls of tape and call them hats. I really didn't understand that one, but it was hilarious. I'm sure people think I'm nuts letting my kid do whatever while I'm laughing at him. 

And we visited with the fish. Which ended with Whit pulling down that bottom part of the display on himself. Thankfully he was more shocked than scared and didn't care. And what's a visit to the twuck department without a ride in a princess jeep? I seriously think his favorite color will be pink, he's always gravitating to it. 

Oh I'm dreading school getting out. It occurred to me the other day that then we'll be sharing these places with a bunch of older, more rambunctious kids. And we might even have to share the adoring looks we get from older customers with other children! Outrageous! 

It's amazing how a trip to the store is so much more interesting with a toddler. The world really is their playground and they don't even need that much to be entertained. For instance, we also talked about the different color spray paints, spun wheels on the bikes, felt fabric, looked in mirrors, sniffed plants and waved at most every smiling face we came across.

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