Friday, May 18, 2012

"Mommy's Little Monster" Baby Shower

Last weekend was my first baby shower, thrown by my fabulous sister, Shanna, and fabulous friend, Summer. It even ended up being appropriate since it was the day before Mother's Day. We all had a fantastic time and I was thrilled, seeing as I've never been to a baby shower in my life! I didn't know what to expect, but I've heard horror stories of fake pooped-in diapers, cakes resembling pregnant torsos or, worse, fetuses! Thankfully, they are just as horrified by that stuff as me and everything was awesome. 

I had mentioned a while back that I was digging a kind of monster theme, and they hit the ground running with it. I've been having a hard time finding monster things that weren't just wall art, but they really did well and had to get creative. And Shan and Summer are nothing if not creative! Just check out some of the pictures from the shower below...

Shanna's amazing diaper cake. I swear she needs to sell these, she's so good at it!

The monster cake (chocolate) with wedding cake eyeball cake pops.

A few of us decorating onesies and bibs. Shanna got really good at this and started making things for the less-crafty people to claim as their creations.

Summer signed some of her work. 

A few of the monsters my mom crocheted for the bambino.

My friend, Amanda, who is almost exactly 4 weeks behind me. As you can see, we've already given up on real shoes. Though that could be just from living in the South, not necessarily being pregnant. 

Then, after the shower and Shanna and I had spent Mother's Day with our mom, we + Summer headed back to Franklin to work on the nursery for a bit. I feel like we got a lot done, and it definitely looks like a room now! And then I think about that half-finished dresser in the shed (grrr). But whatever, it was nice just having girly company around for once!

Working on putting together the lethal crib.

Shan putting up the mobile, which require some impressive knotting skills.

There were definitely some hang ups putting things together. The crib, for instance, we could not figure out how to put together. It's 30 years old, so the instructions are long gone. But I had an inkling of how it should work, but there were these holes that looked filled in for some reason. Summer and Ben started fiddling with them, turns out dirt daubers had been to work there and when they cleared out the holes our came some 10-year old bug pieces. Ben may have freaked out a bit (I'm definitely the bug-slayer of the house). But we got it all cleaned up and it's fine, you know aside from being the Crib of Death. Whilst googling assembly instructions for it, all I could find were articles exclaiming that this crib would eat our children, pets, and anyone unlucky enough to not understand how to operate the drop side feature. Oh come on, internet, this crib has already housed three kids, I think we'll be fine.

Well, I'm off to start writing thank you notes. I swear to be a good person this time (and make up for my bridal showers) and write everyone a thank you!


  1. Your blog is adorable. I'm glad I stumbled on it.

    What a cute idea for a shower! Mine is in two weeks and my sister is doing a "little gentleman" theme with top hats and bow ties and mustaches. The monsters are adorable!

    P.S. - I am DREADING the thank you cards.

  2. Thank you! A little gentleman theme sounds adorable! I've become such a huge fan of bow ties, neckties, and mustaches since finding out we're having a boy. Good luck with those thank you's!