Friday, May 4, 2012


We got a few projects done around the house today. Yay! The first one being our cat, Ceti's new habitat...

It may not look like much, but before the cat had completely taken over our second bathroom (which had been fine since nothing in there worked anyway, but now that most of it is fixed...). But this lovely little item contains his covered litter box, bag of litter, bag of food, and his food bowl on top. It's right next to a window so he can look out enviously at freedom and soon will have something to help keep litter inside and not all over the floor! When I get it completely set up I'll post more pics. Unfortunately I'm having to buy a new litter box since his old one is a tad too wide.

Also, my MIL came over and primed the nursery. Little did I know, until I got home, that she also put the first coat of paint on the walls too!

I was shocked and excited. Thank goodness I ended up loving the color! I was a little weary picking something so vibrant, but it really does look great. It's a little tough to tell from this picture with all the yellow from the light, but it's such a pretty color. And it makes the trim and floors look sooooo sharp! Now I'm only a little annoyed that I bought four more samples of paint after I had already had this, but mostly I'm relieved that the search is OVER.

Yesterday I started my for real workout routine. I found it on thebump last night and it's super quick and easy, but I can make it harder if I need to later. I can already feel a little burn in my legs today and some of that hip pain has gone away. Though the hip pain being gone may be from me no longer wearing scrubs to work. I refuse to buy anymore big scrubs and started to wear some pants I had that were close enough in color and most of the pain was gone by the time I got out of work! Anyhoo, here's the link to the workout if you're interested: Pregnancy Workout Plan. Enjoy!

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