Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnancy is a pain in the butt...

...and back ...and feet.

I hate to be all whiny, but man my back has been killing me! And the worse thing about back pain during pregnancy is this constant feeling I need to pop my back, but I can't. Popping my back again will be such a luxury once it's possible! At least I know I should have back pain, this strange foot and butt pain is new to me. I need to do some research to see if anyone has had either of these. I have a what may be a bruise on the pad of my foot, but it's not discolored, just kind of swollen? And the rear-end pain is VERY odd. I have been waiting for these Braxton-Hicks to show up, but all I get is a shooting pain up my bum occasionally. I told Ben if these are contractions, I'm not sure how well I'll handle everything!

Last weekend we went to Memphis for one of the in-laws baby showers and more visiting...pictures to come! It was wonderful, I forget how much I like Ben's family and my MIL's friends. We got a TON of things, in fact, I can't wait until I get a day off to really put together some of the goodies. The biggies were the pack n' play, an infant car seat, diaper genie (hallelujah!), lots and lots of bedding. It was funny how excited I would get over things and one of the cousins would remind me I had registered for it. Glad I was having an "on" day when I registered! Plus, I'm always shocked when things are gifted from a registry. In my family, registries are seen as adorable suggestions of what you would like, but will never receive.

I'm so glad to have the next couple of weekends off from travelling. I love visiting friends and family, but I am exhausted! And the third trimester sleepiness has hit me big time, so much so I took an unintentional three hour nap last night...oops.

Plus, I have way too many projects to complete here soon:

-Prime and paint dresser
-Create shelving for nursery
-Hang art in nursery
-Make curtains for laundry closet
-Attach shoe molding in nursery
-Re-pot leftover plants from the past couple of weeks
-Put away baby shower gifts
-Dispose of the thousands of paint samples we've acquired lately

And occasionally take pictures of things, this blog is so bare looking!

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