Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctor's appointment blahs

Went in for the glucose test today. First of all, the nurses told me they hear lemon-lime is the best flavor to choose, then orange, then fruit punch. Of course no one told me that the day I had to pick and I chose fruit punch. Blech! It tastes like the sweetest, nastiest Kool-Aid you've ever had. Thankfully, I minored in chugging in college and made it through just fine... until they took my blood. Let me preface: I do fine with needles, giving blood, IVs, as long as I don't watch. If the tech is a good enough stick and you don't look, you don't even know when they stick you. I told the tech I wouldn't watch and I promised not the pass out. Well, the doctor comes in and we get to talking and all of a sudden I can't focus on what she's saying and all I can think is "Damn, I'm going to have to be rude and not answer for a moment." What I say is, "I'm sorry I lied, I think I'm going to pass out." Dr. said my blood sugar was probably too high after breakfast and the drink (they didn't tell me to fast before the drink or to not eat Apple Jacks!), plus it was really freakin' hot in that room! Today it's 90 degrees and they have the heater running! 

Well, turns out I've already gained 22 lbs. at 26 weeks, which is not great. So Ben and I have to start really  watching it and actually exercising every day. No more cookies and ice cream! Also, we're not sure why my hip has been killing me this last week. Theories are it's bad round ligament pain, my body is not handling the extra weight very well or something with a nerve. I have an appointment with a physical therapist next week in hopes of figuring it out. The pain has been close to unbearable, even on good days it's just plain annoying and hard to walk. I swear, how am I supposed to exercise when I'm either nauseous or can't walk?! :(

Oh well, I feel okay right now and the Preds are on an intermission, better get to walking!

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