Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don't worry I'm waiting until the birth to crack open that wine bottle!

Who knew the key to getting along with women was being pregnant? I've had so many strangers come up to me and give advice, sympathy or congratulations. Last night at the bookstore I got nauseous and was rubbing my belly looking pained and an older lady says, "I feel your pain! I remember those days. but enjoy them when they're little, they grow up quick!" And funny that the advice I get most often is "enjoy them, they're not little for long." And the advice Ben keeps getting is "everything is about to change." Really, guys? Way to be some Debbie Downers!

That was my Facebook status this morning. And now, I stand corrected. I took one of our dogs to the vet for her annual check-up and shots and the tech that came in for her nearly fell out about me being pregnant. He was a young black guy that was SO excited I was having a baby he honestly had to sit down for a few moments! It was hilarious, and a little odd, and I really didn't know what to do other than smile and laugh with him and listen to his stories.

Mercy the stories! Maybe that's why people love a pregnant woman, it reminds them of when their children were babies and lets them bask in those memories for a moment. Almost every parent I come across wants to tell me about their children or their grandchildren, and the story of their birth, or whatever ailments they went through, or honestly anything! The vet today told me a random story about her accidentally underfeeding her baby when she was nursing because she was (and still is!) a very skinny minnie. It had nothing to do with anything we were talking about, or anything to do with my dog, just a completely random story about nursing.

Not that I mind. Sometimes the stories crack me up, sometimes they give me great relief because either it's letting me know I'm not that different or it distracts me from freaking out. And besides, I've always been a believer in making other people's lives better. Whether that means giving things, money or effort to charity or just listening to people when they feel the need to tell you something. And it's funny, no one has been judgmental or pushy about things. Everyone has been as happy as they can be and any advice they throw out has been mostly valid. The only thing I haven't listened to has been the "oh you can have a *little* wine".

Crazy how as soon as I'm pregnant, that's when everyone wants to give you alcohol. And here I thought if I ordered a glass of wine at seven months pregnant people would dive to slap the glass out of my hand! I'm beginning to wonder if I did order that glass, how many people in the restaurant would just nod their head with a wink!

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