Monday, February 24, 2014

Oh well.

In the interest of keeping it real, I present to you a parenting fail and Whit's dinner last night. Ben and I are both sick and panicked. Oh well.

And I'm still sickly. The worst part is trying desperately to keep Whit from catching it. Blow nose/wash hands/take off rings/lotion/repeat. And now I really don't have the energy to shower quickly before he wakes in the morning. So I'll remain yucky until Ben gets home from work. And the house will remain unclean until I get better. Oh well.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Powder Room Progress! Sort of!

After a little bit of "life lesson learning", and some help from a friend, the new light fixture is up and on! I wish I could put into words how frustrating it was to hang this damn thing. First, there's no junction box (thanks builder!), then I can't get a junction box in (thanks pipe), and I can't get it in the other way (thanks freakishly strong staple in a stupid location!), and then I couldn't get it to hang straight (WTF manufacturer?!). So I had kinda of MacGyver'd the thing up there and asked a friend, who's an electrician, to come over and make sure the house isn't going to burn to the ground. Success! It wiggles a little when you touch it, so we will not be touching it. Ever. Thank you 10-year light bulbs!

Pretty, no? And I got it on sale, huzzah! And now to the really hard part: paint color. If you've read about previous paint endeavors, you know it takes me quite a bit of samples to decide. But I only have three this time... because I'm agonizing about what to do after I paint. So paint first...

Gravity / Bay Waves / Polar Star / (Just ignore that last guy)

So here's the agonizing parts to deal with: One, what do I do with the ceiling? The previous owners had painted the entire room red, including the ceiling. So do I paint it white like the rest of the house, or paint the whole room one color? I'm leaning towards painting it all one color since the ceiling is so low over the toilet (this is under the stairs). 

Two, what to do after I've painted? Here's some ideas I'm kicking around:

Contact paper polka dots
(via Apartment Therapy)
Sharpie triangles
(via Design*Sponge)
Washi tape to add a pattern
(via Everything Emily)
This is wallpaper, but drawing a similar pattern with Sharpie
Sooo, you can see my dilemma. What color, then what to do, then what color to do that in?! Thoughts?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tiny update

We've actually done lots to the house since moving in, but the place is never clean enough to take pictures. And since I'm a little frustrated with a light fixture issue we're having, I thought I would post one tiny cute update to our bedroom. And one to Whit's bedroom...



Ooh, so pretty... I just want to gaze in these knobs forever...

Also ripped out and re-installed the cord covers to the TV, Kinect, et al. I still kinda hate it, but we really have no other options other than spending a fortune to truly hide the wires, and I'm done sinking money into this!

And Whit got a curtain. Well, he ended up getting two and thermal backings to them, but I like the look of just one without the backing. So here's the in between picture:

Told you they were tiny! But hey, it's baby steps around here with what I can get done during Whit's naps.

Monday, February 10, 2014

How we played: rice bin

Plastic bin + rice + anything = fun. Lots of quiet fun.

And sometimes messy fun. Before Mamacita learned better. Now when we play with this I put down an old shower curtain I use as a drop cloth now. But seriously, Whit was enamored with this for 20-30 mins. Which is seriously one in the win column. 

Little man played so long with it he was pretty exhausted and ready for nap time. Not asking for it, mind you, just ready.

You can put whatever you want in the bin, we used a couple of measuring spoons and metal measuring cups (they made a great sound when he poured rice on the back of them) and a funnel-like piece from one of his travel-food-carrier-thingies. And best part is, you put the top back on and pack it away when you're finished. But definitely pack it away, the next day Whit saw the bin out and started begging to play with it instead of eating breakfast. Another lesson learned!

Speaking of lessons, have you ever noticed that Sun-Maid raisins have kernels of wisdom on the inside flap?
Yeah me either, but I'm rather enjoying them...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Super Bowl weekend

...and the Super Bowl was the least interesting part of the whole weekend. Friday started out with a date night: dinner at a new restaurant called Gray's on Main. It's in an old pharmacy in downtown Franklin and looks so. damn. cool!

I had a really great cocktail considering they mostly serve real drinks and I mostly drink girly drinks. And we had some pretty amazing food. My favorite being the shrimp and grits with collards. Oh and the FRIED MOONPIE with DIPPING CHOCOLATE I had for desert. Holy shizzz!

We ran into a former castmate there working the bar and looking amazing. And then went to Pull-Tight to watch some more former castmates in The 39 Steps and had a great time. I want to read the play to know what they were working with, because wow, there's so much going on! It really was like a workout for those guys. If you ever get a chance to see it, do. Four actors play around 30(?) characters and it was sooooo funny!

Saturday Ben went off to play nerdy card games with his friends, so Whit and I ran a few errands for Sunday and played outside as long as we could stand it. It warmed up to upper 50s, but the wind was blowing so hard it was tough to withstand. But still nothing compared to the single digits it had just been earlier in the week. 

I'm seriously tormented by his hair. I love it, but I hate he's brushing it out of his eyes. It needs cutting, but I just can't bear it!
Sunday consisted of Ben and I scrubbing the house to prepare for friends and family coming over for the game. Me cooking a ton of food (and I have no idea why, we didn't eat most of it!). And Whit playing his heart out during the actual game. I think everyone had a decent time, despite it being the most boring Super Bowl ever. Anyhoo, now off to sleep and back to the grind tomorrow morning!