Monday, February 10, 2014

How we played: rice bin

Plastic bin + rice + anything = fun. Lots of quiet fun.

And sometimes messy fun. Before Mamacita learned better. Now when we play with this I put down an old shower curtain I use as a drop cloth now. But seriously, Whit was enamored with this for 20-30 mins. Which is seriously one in the win column. 

Little man played so long with it he was pretty exhausted and ready for nap time. Not asking for it, mind you, just ready.

You can put whatever you want in the bin, we used a couple of measuring spoons and metal measuring cups (they made a great sound when he poured rice on the back of them) and a funnel-like piece from one of his travel-food-carrier-thingies. And best part is, you put the top back on and pack it away when you're finished. But definitely pack it away, the next day Whit saw the bin out and started begging to play with it instead of eating breakfast. Another lesson learned!

Speaking of lessons, have you ever noticed that Sun-Maid raisins have kernels of wisdom on the inside flap?
Yeah me either, but I'm rather enjoying them...

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