Friday, February 7, 2014

Super Bowl weekend

...and the Super Bowl was the least interesting part of the whole weekend. Friday started out with a date night: dinner at a new restaurant called Gray's on Main. It's in an old pharmacy in downtown Franklin and looks so. damn. cool!

I had a really great cocktail considering they mostly serve real drinks and I mostly drink girly drinks. And we had some pretty amazing food. My favorite being the shrimp and grits with collards. Oh and the FRIED MOONPIE with DIPPING CHOCOLATE I had for desert. Holy shizzz!

We ran into a former castmate there working the bar and looking amazing. And then went to Pull-Tight to watch some more former castmates in The 39 Steps and had a great time. I want to read the play to know what they were working with, because wow, there's so much going on! It really was like a workout for those guys. If you ever get a chance to see it, do. Four actors play around 30(?) characters and it was sooooo funny!

Saturday Ben went off to play nerdy card games with his friends, so Whit and I ran a few errands for Sunday and played outside as long as we could stand it. It warmed up to upper 50s, but the wind was blowing so hard it was tough to withstand. But still nothing compared to the single digits it had just been earlier in the week. 

I'm seriously tormented by his hair. I love it, but I hate he's brushing it out of his eyes. It needs cutting, but I just can't bear it!
Sunday consisted of Ben and I scrubbing the house to prepare for friends and family coming over for the game. Me cooking a ton of food (and I have no idea why, we didn't eat most of it!). And Whit playing his heart out during the actual game. I think everyone had a decent time, despite it being the most boring Super Bowl ever. Anyhoo, now off to sleep and back to the grind tomorrow morning! 

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