Thursday, February 28, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 8

This week had some definite ups and downs. Ben and I started out Monday with a date night at a new-to-us steakhouse and it was great except we were also in the middle of a "Mr. and Mrs." (that's WASP-speak for an argument). But we got it sorted out as best we could and enjoyed the rest of our night off from the little guy. Because boy has he been clingy/obstinate/on the go. He's so close to crawling that he can't stand it. He tries and tries, and only manages to go backwards, so after a little while he gets mad and let's his Irish heritage come out. My boss thinks he'll be crawling soon since he's been so clingy. She said every time her kids and grandkids are like that, it's right before a big milestone. So here's hoping!

You'll also notice our oldest baby, Foster, is back in the cone. Went to the vet yesterday and I think we've hit their limit of doggy ocular knowledge. It's so frustrating, but I think we're back to visiting a doggy opthamologist. (Yup, they exist) Too bad I can't convince my optometrist friend to take a look and tell me what he thinks may be going on!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I finally gave in

And bought a box from Citrus Lane. I'm so excited! I've been debating back and forth since Whit was born about doing this. If you've never seen/heard of/agonized over this, it's a subscription service that sends you a care package each month filled with age-appropriate toys, books, goodies and even goodies for mom.

May 2012's box

You can sign up for any amount of months you would like to get the service, and the longer your subscription the cheaper the box is per month. I went with just one box at $25, to see if we like it. But I have pretty high hopes from looking through some of their previous boxes. I mean who doesn't LOVE getting good stuff in the mail? We already enjoy getting a free book in the mail monthly thanks to Dolly Pardon's Imagination Library, which I'm shocked I've never mentioned before. If you have a kids, go register and get some free books!

At first the cost was my big concern, but after months of buying toys just because I'm around them I think this may be my solution. I only buy toys when I need them (which is rare) or when I happen to be at a store and see something Whit might like. But if I already know we're going to get something each month I think I'll stop the extraneous spending, especially if I don't have to leave the house for it. Ahhh, I can't wait!

EDIT: I am so scatter-brained! If you want to try out Citrus Lane, the code TAKEHALF will get you half off your first box making it $12.50. So you know the first box will be a deal no matter what's in it!

52 Weeks: Week 7

Week 7 was spent going to Meridian for the mostly family baby shower for Shan, of which I will post more pictures later! My camera died halfway through, so I'm having to steal my mom's. We had a great time getting down there, even though it meant we spent our Valentine's Day not doing Valentine's day stuff, but we were together which is all I ask. We've learned from past trips to schedule plenty of time to get wherever you're going, since Whit is becoming less and less happy with his car seat. I hope that changes when we get a bigger seat!

The drive back, however, was not as pleasant. I think Whit gets so wound up visiting family that he cannot calm himself down. Our last night there he woke up every couple of hours and when he finally did sleep the hotel's fire alarm went off (for no good reason) and housekeeping walked in (our do not disturb sign mysteriously disappeared in the night). So driving back took about 8 hours instead of 5. If Whit wasn't mad at being restrained or his teeth, we were stopping to get coffee or just wake up a little.

Oh and that second pic of Whit is him wrapped up in our Moby wrap. He's decided he loves it again, haha. Guess I better get good at wrapping that contraption again!

Friday, February 22, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 6

All this week was spent inside (again... wah wah wah). The big event was getting ready for our trip to Meridian and for my sister's baby shower there. Also, Whit and I tried this baby led weaning I'm reading so much about. It's been great fun, very messy and I think Whit really enjoys it, but I don't think we'll be able to do it every day. I just don't really have enough time in the day to buy the fruits and veggies and cook them within an inch of their lives in order for him to eat them, and not to mention all that clean up time. So we're sticking with purees and whenever I cook for us I'll make Whit a little too.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 5

This week was about currrrazzzzzy weather. We went from mid-60s and tornado warnings to snow and are now back to 50s-60s. We tried to play out in Whit's first snow, but he was more interested in watching it fall... from inside... like his mom. It was also time for Whit's 6-month well baby visit and Ben was able to come with this time. Little man thought it was great fun (until the shots) and wondered why we didn't have a huge mirror and a big roll of crinkly paper for him at home. Also for a nice little surprise in the mail from my parents. We're faux Cajun, so it's time to eat king cake and go to parades. My folks went to Mardi Gras in Mobile this year and I'm hoping when Whit gets a little older we can take him and show him how to catch beads (it involves an umbrella).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Half-Year!

I cannot believe a half a year ago this little guy joined our family! I remember it like it was yesterday, which for me is quite a feat. Time has flown by, and Whit isn't the only one who has grown around here. I think Ben and I have grown tremendously as people, thanks to the new experiences due to Whit and because we're trying to be better people for him. Okay, enough sappiness!

At six months, Whit...

...weighs 19 lbs, 5 oz., is 27" tall and has a head circumference of 17.5". Which equals out to 80th percentile for weight, 75th for length, and 75th on head circumference. Which hopefully means he's slowing down the growth.

...because someone is wearing 9 months-sized clothes! I was completely caught off guard with this and we were not prepared! I'm still trying to find fleece, footed pajamas in 9 months. still wearing size 4 Swaddlers.

...LOVES all the weird noises we can think to make. He chuckled like a madman at me making my "no" noise to the dogs. It kind of sounds like a dolphin saying "uh-huh", to give you an idea. sitting up by himself pretty well. He really only needs someone nearby for when he starts to tumble, which is rare.

...has another couple of teeth coming in. I've been watching the edge of two of them for a week now. The doctor said he may get his incisors in before his two front teeth... then we'll have a baby vampire on our hands!

...has tried rice cereal, peas, squash, pears, and bananas so far. And I think he did not inherit my sweet tooth. The fruits he spits right back out, unless I mix it into his cereal. Veggies he loves, hopefully that is still true in a few years.

...has tried drinking from a transitional-kind-of-sippy cup with a little success, but mostly just wet clothes.

...experienced his first snow. He thought it was pretty, but he would rather be watching it from inside a warm house. an excellent roller and is trying so hard to crawl. Today he got up on his hands and knees twice. Ben swears he crawled an inch this morning.

...went through a squealing phase and is already done with it. We joked he was part pterodactyl.

...also makes a kind of kissing noise, but I don't think he's kissing. I think he's calling the dogs!

...hugged me and it made my year. slow to warm up to strangers (and people he's met before) I'm noticing. He doesn't get upset if a stranger holds him, he just gets very quiet and watches their every move for a very long time. After a few hours he decides you're cool and smiles at you.

...attended his first baby shower for his Auntie Shanna and I think he won over a few previously anti-having-kids friends.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The moments when you have to hang your head and cry... or laugh.

And often I choose to laugh. The past two weeks have provided me with two of these moments.

The first was after giving Whit his bath. I was letting the water drain and realized I really needed to go myself and that if I didn't do it now I would have to wait thirty minutes. While watching the baby, I decide to use the bathroom and immediately Zoey comes in and starts to heave. And Zoey has this weird habit of walking while heaving and just vomiting wherever she stops. So here I am on the toilet, watching the baby making sure he doesn't drown and holding our Boston terrier by her collar to make sure she doesn't throw up on the bathmat.... and chuckling.

The second was today at the grocery store. I was changing Whit's dirty diaper in the world's tiniest changing area. And he did what most boys do and peed up my arm. I should have been watching, but he hasn't done it in months so my guard was down. I don't have a back up shirt or layers, so I just rolled that mess up and went on with the grocery shopping!

Now it makes me wonder how many women are walking around with clothes that have a little bit of pee, poo or spit-up on them!