Thursday, February 28, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 8

This week had some definite ups and downs. Ben and I started out Monday with a date night at a new-to-us steakhouse and it was great except we were also in the middle of a "Mr. and Mrs." (that's WASP-speak for an argument). But we got it sorted out as best we could and enjoyed the rest of our night off from the little guy. Because boy has he been clingy/obstinate/on the go. He's so close to crawling that he can't stand it. He tries and tries, and only manages to go backwards, so after a little while he gets mad and let's his Irish heritage come out. My boss thinks he'll be crawling soon since he's been so clingy. She said every time her kids and grandkids are like that, it's right before a big milestone. So here's hoping!

You'll also notice our oldest baby, Foster, is back in the cone. Went to the vet yesterday and I think we've hit their limit of doggy ocular knowledge. It's so frustrating, but I think we're back to visiting a doggy opthamologist. (Yup, they exist) Too bad I can't convince my optometrist friend to take a look and tell me what he thinks may be going on!


  1. I love these posts.

    The older the boys get, the more apparent it is that I should look for Pierce to be following Whit's milestones by their due dates & not actual birth dates. Pierce is consistently a month or more behind Whit. You really wouldn't think 3 weeks in the womb would make that much difference but it really seems to!
    Plus the whole "every baby is different" bit. Lol

    Love you guys

  2. I love you guys! And definitely remember the "every baby is different" mantra. I keep reminding myself of that! My boss's sister's baby was born two days after Whit and I think is already crawling (or they're very good at taking deceptive pictures). When I first saw the pics I was so jealous, but I'm learning to not think about what others kids are doing.

    Hell, I'm still jealous that Pierce is giving out smooches! I'm trying to teach Whit that right now ;-)

  3. Pierce gives me smooches often, but not his daddy. Daddy gets them every few days.

    And yes, every baby is different