Saturday, February 2, 2013

The moments when you have to hang your head and cry... or laugh.

And often I choose to laugh. The past two weeks have provided me with two of these moments.

The first was after giving Whit his bath. I was letting the water drain and realized I really needed to go myself and that if I didn't do it now I would have to wait thirty minutes. While watching the baby, I decide to use the bathroom and immediately Zoey comes in and starts to heave. And Zoey has this weird habit of walking while heaving and just vomiting wherever she stops. So here I am on the toilet, watching the baby making sure he doesn't drown and holding our Boston terrier by her collar to make sure she doesn't throw up on the bathmat.... and chuckling.

The second was today at the grocery store. I was changing Whit's dirty diaper in the world's tiniest changing area. And he did what most boys do and peed up my arm. I should have been watching, but he hasn't done it in months so my guard was down. I don't have a back up shirt or layers, so I just rolled that mess up and went on with the grocery shopping!

Now it makes me wonder how many women are walking around with clothes that have a little bit of pee, poo or spit-up on them!

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