Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just popping in...

There seriously needs to be an easier way to blog. I literally have no time right now to do it. Whit has given up his lazy morning routine, his long leisurely naps and any spare time I get right now is spent satisfying my nesting instinct or sleeping myself.

Baby Girl is doing fine at 32 weeks, still no name though. The nursery/guest bedroom is making progress, just our house is a mess. We're definitely in that "it has to get worse before it gets better" phase. I feel sooooo much better than I did with my first pregnancy at this point! Barely any swelling or too much discomfort. Just still the nausea and new stretch marks. :(

Whit is also doing great. He just turned 3 last week and his party (I hear) was quite the success. Not that I would know, I was too busy keeping the kiddos fed, catching up with other moms and trying to keep myself out of the foam pit and trampolines. Potty training was going great until this week. But we have 3 weeks to go before preschool starts, so fingers crossed we make it before then!

Okay, I have to go attempt a mini-workout and put on a bra before the cable guy's window is here. Of course, I'm being nutty, they never show until 5 minutes before their window closes. Then there's packing for the pool, swimming, laundry, washing dishes, organizing something to scratch that nesting itch, maybe a nap?, cook supper, convincing Whit that using the potty is a good idea and doesn't take THAT much time away from playing... Wish me luck.

Friday, May 22, 2015


I'm dying at what a terrible blogger I am! At least my real reason for this blog is to help me remember moments with Whit that otherwise I would forget. And that will come in handy since I just bought some fancy-dancy new baby books. Yes, I bought a baby book for my two and half year old. I wasn't a huge fan of the one I bought before he was born and I needed another for Baby Girl, so why not get two new (NICE!) sort of matching ones. If you want a fancy modern baby book for yourself, here's where I bought them. I got a Cosmic Love for Whit and a Little Miss for Baby Girl, since we're only 20 weeks in I have no theme, no name, nothing for her yet.

I just looked back at my last post about the resolutions and this may be one of my worst years for this sort of thing. Partially because we're expecting and the morning sickness was damn near debilitating again. I started the meetup group and it failed spectacularly. I haven't been structured with my volunteer work, but I've been helping out almost every time I can. I'm reading the Bible thanks to an app, and just now starting to read more books thanks to my mom's group. (But I've only read 1.5 books so far :-/ ) The debt is paid off for now and we had an emergency fund built up, until the emergencies started piling up. The clothing making is on hold until I'm back to a normalish size. And the savings project is on track, so we'll see!

What's happened in the past five months...hmmm... We're expecting Baby #2 and everyone is excited, even more so that it's a girl. Whitman went to preschool for the first time and it was a little rocky at first, but I think he enjoyed it. Yesterday was his last day and his teacher told me how much she'd miss him since he's the only one who talks. We have made a ton of strong friendships with other mommies through the mom's group I joined last year and I'm so happy! We visited my in-laws at their new home in Orange Beach for the first time last weekend, and I will have to share those pictures! Wow, so not a lot has happened. Time just flies these days! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolution Time!

I love making New Years resolutions. I know that's becoming less popular, but I'm a goal-oriented type and love to-do lists. Plus I love buying organizational things, so New Years is like a special holiday just for us type-A personalities! Yippee! 

Here's my list for 2015:

And I already did a little ground work for some of these. I downloaded the Bible app and I'm two days in to the plan for reading it in a year. That one is definitely going to take some discipline! I've done a little research on my meetup group I want to start since I'm unsure about the logistics. I already put into a savings account the first four weeks of the savings plan and we have a little in the emergency fund already.

And part of my plan to get us out of this stupid debt is to stop being so wasteful with our money. So this morning I unsubscribed from nearly all of the retail emails I get. I mean look at this junk!

Hopefully that will help free up some money and some time. It took me about 15 minutes to go through it all. Barf! 

The last things to tackle is organizing/purging/finishing projects around the house and healthy changes. But those aren't resolutions since they're constant battles and already a way of life for us. Just need to get better at the healthy changes and be more consistent. So what are your resolutions or do you even worry about it anymore?