Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shanna's "Little Man" Baby Shower

Finally, yesterday was my sister Shanna's "Little Man" baby shower! I've been working for a couple of weeks now on putting this together and I think I can pat myself on the back. Everyone had a great time, my sister looked fantastic (she looks way better than I did at 34 weeks!), baby Logan got tons of goodies, and boy was there some amazing food. 

"Welcome Little Man" banner/Auntie Shanna with Whitman/"Mommy's Little Man" diaper cake with all the goodies attached/my youngest sister, Jolie, made her own 'stache.
We had the shindig at our friend Summer's house, which is the most beautiful home. It's filled with stained glass work her mother has made over the years, some are original patterns and some are straight from Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. The house also has a huge open area, so decorating is a bit of a challenge. Remember those tissue pom poms? Yeah, they're weren't near enough to make the place festive and they kept falling so that was a bit of a fail. Ah well.

Paint-a-letter craft table after and before
Originally I wasn't going to have a craft, but two nights before one of our friends asked me what we were doing and did she need to bring anything. So I cracked at the last minute and decided we'll have a craft. I didn't want to do onesies or bibs (we had that at mine) or a make-a-mobile (Shan has a specific mobile she wants already). And thank you Pinterest I saw this and thought it was perfect. There's only five letters to buy, so everyone isn't forced to participate if they didn't want. It even worked out that some of us collaborated on letters. I painted the "A", then Ryan came by and spray painted it a little in a clashing color, then I came back and painted the sides in that color. Summer paints the "N" and Sara painted a duck on top of it. Even our youngest sister Jolie got involved, and since she's hit the moody "nothing is cool" phase of teenager-hood, this was the measure of success to me! 

Oh and yes I said Ryan. Our baby showers have doods at them :-)

Cakepops/Prosciutto-wrapped figs/The best cheesecake EVER
 The food was AWESOME! I was so worried since I couldn't have a direct hand in making any of it. But our friends came through and I had no idea they were so talented. We had an onion quiche (two of us weren't quiche fans, but loved it), prosciutto-wrapped figs (which I've never had, so cross another resolution off the list), caprese bites, chicken salad sandwiches, and ham and cheese croissants. For desert there were cake pops, a sheet cake (poor Amie had made a cake, but then it broke apart at the last minute), melon balls, and a homemade cheesecake. Can I tell you I hate cheesecake (crazy I know), but I licked the plate after my slice!
Playing "name that 'stache"/wishes for baby/favors/presents!/reliving old times
The Name that 'Stache game was a hit. I should have taken pictures of some of the answers. Almost everyone put down "Diabeetus" for #1. One of my mother's answers was, no joke, "Oh, he does that song, what's his name...oh... Cab Calloway?" First place got a diamond candle and second place got a mustachioed mug. I also asked everyone to fill out a wishes for baby sheet. I'm going to bring these to the next baby shower as well and make a book out of them for Shan. The answers ran the gambit, some were sweet and serious and some were silly and funny. In hindsight, or if you decide to do something similar, I would've sent those out with the invites and let people bring them in. It was just a little too much pressure to do it right then, and we had so much to do at this shower!

I also made mustache sugar cookies with these cookie cutters/stamps. If I had more time would've iced them.The little galvanized pail next to the cookies is a bunch of bowtie keychains I found in the $1 area of our little Target. But I could only find 12, none of the other Targets around us had them, so I decided to make the cookies as well just in case.

All in all it was a great shower and we had a good time, especially Shanna! Most of us stayed around until night time talking and hanging out. One of the guys asked if this is how long most baby showers are and the girls just laughed and told him no, usually it's only two hours tops!

UPDATE: Silly me to not include the answers for Name that 'Stache! Here you go:
1. Wilford Brimley 2. Charlie Chaplin 3. Tom Selleck 4. Ned Flanders 5. Alex Trebek 6. Borat 7. John Waters 8. Swedish Chef 9. Groucho Marx 10. Yosemite Sam 11. Salvador Dali 12. Mario 13. Hulk Hogan 14. Albert Einstein 15. Geraldo Rivera


  1. Please post the answers to your Name That Stache game! Thanks!

    1. No problem! Should've had that from the start. I've updated to include the answers for you. :)

  2. Did you just print out the pics of the mustaches or is there a place to find these?

    1. I just googled some famous mustaches and printed them off. That way I could pick out some that I knew some people would know. John Waters and Swedish Chef were a couple of the crowd favorites. ;-)