Thursday, January 24, 2013

It finally happened

We had our first overreacting-parent pediatrician visit. Whit has been cranky ever since we got home from the baby shower (which is why originally I thought it was just boredom). He had all these crazy symptoms: pulling his hair, scratching his belly, whiny (while playing and in between laughs), chewing his hand, super tired, shaking his head, and was only happy while we were holding him and walking around. So we thought, he's teething. No, his stomach is bothering him. Maybe it's a food allergy? I had given him his first taste of banana Sunday night. Maybe it's an ear infection? We finally take him to the doctor yesterday only to find out...

he has dry skin. Which I knew. His rosy cheeks aren't only from being a cute baby, but he's got his mom's and aunt's skin issues. I try to keep them well-lotioned, but that wasn't enough anymore. Now I'm having to put hydrocortisone (.5%) on his cheeks twice a day and Eucerin on top of that. And the dry skin had moved to his torso, so Eucerin on those spots every chance we get.

I guess we've been inside so much lately due to the cold, that he's drying out worse than normal. Normally I only bathe him twice a week and slather the baby lotion on afterwards, but he needs something a tad stronger. Poor little guy! And the doctor says he's probably teething too.

Good news: The little one is mostly fine. I reaffirmed my love for his pediatrician and the office staff. They are so nice about worried new parents! <---which was one of my questions for them before we decided to use them. And we found out Whitman is now a whopping 19 lbs!

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