Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Five Months!

This kid is starting to get too big to take pictures!
At five months, Whit...

...just moved up to size 4 diapers. (And thank you Target for now having Pampers Swaddlers in size 4 and 5!)

...has two front teeth! And teething hasn't been too bad.

...weighs about 18 lbs. (At the four month appointment he weighed 17lbs. 1 oz. and was almost 26" long)

...now does a little dance we like to call the "Whitman Wiggle". When he's on his back he'll shake his head back and forth while flailing his arms and legs and just smiiiile.

...survived his first multi-family, multi-state Christmas. And didn't get overwhelmed... even in my Grandma's 80+ degree house with LOTS of cousins running around and talking loudly until late. Even had a great time during the whole thing. And helped open a few of his presents, of which there were plenty!

...has finally rolled over from back to belly. And recently discovered he can roll to things he wants. I think we may have just skipped crawling and went for rolling instead.

...is also a big fan of scooting on his back. When he first started, he wouldn't go to sleep at night because he wanted to practice! Ben and I stayed up rather late catching up on Castle and watching Whit scoot across the room for a few laps.

...has tried cereal and he likes it! Honestly, I think he just likes eating like a big boy. He stares at me and Ben when we eat, so I think he feels more like us when he eats in his high chair.

...can *almost* sit up by himself. When he sits on our bed he can occasionally keep his balance, but he finds it funny when he topples over.

...recognizes his name... I think. A couple of times he's looked at me when I say his name, but I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence yet.

...is enamored with his Papa. And I think even more so now that we didn't see him much last month. Ben had Whit most of the day on one of his off days and the child refused to nap because they were having too much fun.

...is becoming a champion napper!

...loves his activity-saucer-thingy, his mobile (I've never mentioned this before, but he LOVES his mobile), when I make his toys talk to him, his crunchy book, when I pretend to drop him, mirrors!, ceiling fans (still), and all the weird noises we can make at him.

...loves the furry family members. He's now pet all of them at least twice and giggles at the dogs when they play or sniff his ears.

...has a cute habit of sneezing a couple of times and then saying "ahhhh" afterwards!


  1. What a cutie! Thank you for the swaddlers tip! I thought they only went up to 3!! Seriously, we are pampers swaddlers for life over here!

    1. Thanks Brittney! Omg, we are huge swaddlers fans too! We had to buy a pack of the cruisers out of necessity and they were just awful.