Monday, January 21, 2013

Organize this! {Media}

Along with almost everyone else, I've been spending the first month of the year trying to purge, sort and reorganize our lives. I've gotten a few little things done: my now weekly purge of Whitman's clothes (the kid is growing like a weed!), our pantry (really wished I had taken pictures), my magazine collection and a couple of kitchen cabinets. Today I was so inspired by this post from Young Nesters that I went right out, got everything needed, and had it done in about 10 minutes.

Granted, our media storage isn't much to begin with. We're much more book and magazine people than DVD people. 

And hell yes those are VHS! I don't know why since we don't have a VCR anymore.


Whoa, buddy! By the way, that single DVD on the side is one we borrowed from a friend, that I forgot we had....oops. And now we'll have somewhere to hide Whit's toys (away from the dogs' reach) that we keep in the living room

Plus, going through all the DVDs allowed me to find these:

Sweet, right?

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