Saturday, January 12, 2013

My R-words for 2013

I am a HUGE fan of resolutions, but I realize most people aren't. Hence the "r-word" in the title. Y'all, I am so excited for 2013 and the challenges and opportunities in front of my family! In a few months we're going to have a one year old, a ONE YEAR OLD! I can just hear 20-year-old Ashley freaking out.

Originally I wasn't going to worry about any resolutions this year and just focus on being the best mama I can be. But in the past couple of days they've been creeping into a list for me:

1. Use up all the cleaning stuff we already have and then make my own. I've never seen much use for green products as long as you had enough ventilation. But with Whit, and one green solution I use actually works better than the cleaning product you can buy, and it saves you money... okay I'm in. This blog has a couple of recipes I'm going to try if you want to try yourself.

2. Waste no food. Well, as little as possible. I cleaned out the pantry last week and was shocked by how much I had to throw out because it had expired. I was even more shocked by how much we spend on cereal every week, only to find out we had TONS of breakfast options in the pantry just going to waste.

3. Continue to lose weight. This almost doesn't count since I've been really working on it since October. But, I've been making progress and I'm hoping to lose the last 25 lbs. by my birthday (July 7). If you're on you can friend me here and we can lose together!

4. Give more. To charity, or in random acts of kindness. And I'm really interested in finding ways to give without it being just giving away money. I'll do that too, but it's not as fulfilling as working for a charity. 

5. Write more notes. I've steadily been doing this over the years, but now I'm ready to start writing the little "miss you" notes. Not just birthdays and holidays.

6. READ MORE! Once Whit was born I stopped reading anything fun. Now I just read baby books and baby magazines. I have got to become interesting again and start reading big girl books! 

7. Say yes. I am a bit of a baby when it comes to social situations. So this year I am going to some of those meetups from and I am going to say yes to new situations that I would normally feel uncomfortable about! 

And as a mini resolution I'm going to try a challenge my cousin posted on Facebook today: Try to not complain for seven days. Ooh, this one may be tough for me. I don't know what's gotten into me lately with having such a rotten mood, but I'm hoping this can break it!

So what are your "R-words" or just something you want to work on a little?


  1. I think you are so cute. And I agree, resolutions are AWESOME! Who doesn't want a fresh start and some better focus to better your life?? But apparently not everyone feels that way... ;) I love your resolutions....sound like they could have almost been my own even. Good luck with them! Share your victories on your blog when you get a chance! I enjoy reading it. :D

    1. Thank you Tiffany! If you ever want to know how high of esteem I hold you in, let me say your emoticons this past week have meant more than most people's comments on Facebook! Sometimes folks just need a way to go smiley or a frowny face when you feel like I will definitely post my victories! Speaking of, think you'll update your blog? I just took a peak... at 2008! ;)