Saturday, January 26, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 3

This week was spent inside mostly, due to cold and Whit not feeling well. So there was much laying about and being lazy, a bit of cleaning up after the frenzy to get ready for Shanna's baby shower, and quite a bit of appreciating the dogs and cat. When Whit was cranky they were the only thing that could make me giggle chuckle guffaw. We did manage to leave the house on a couple of occasions. One for Shanna's shower, which went very well! And we took another medium-sized trip to Huntsville to visit my friend Amanda and her baby, Pierce.

I have to add, I'm not seizing Whit in that bottom left picture! He's starting to sit up by himself and I was just trying to help him out the only way I could while taking his picture.


  1. Hhhaaa & his face! It looks like you could be scolding him for something. I'm here to vouch that you were, in fact, holding him up lol.
    How will you ever say no to him if he always looks at you like that?!

    1. Oh I know, that look! He's so telling me something, but I just can't quite tell what it is.

    2. Probably "Mom, you have 900 pictures of me from this very you really need another? And in front of my friend? Really?" Lol