Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When good parents go bad.

Or at least it feels that way. Yesterday afternoon I had to let Whit cry it out. This is the second time I have had to do it, but the first time that it hurt to do so. The first time I knew he was tired, he knew he was tired, it was just a matter of allowing him to calm down enough to rest. Yesterday though, I had no idea what was wrong. He's been kind of whiny the past two days, I think he might be teething again? So I tried teethers, the tablets, distraction, a bottle and finally Tylenol. I laid him down with his belly on my lap while I patted and rubbed his good. I rocked him, hummed to him, let him try his vibrating rocker with it on, with it off...nothing was working. Okay, he's got a clean diaper on, he's fed, he's burped, I've given him everything I can think of, he's got to be tired? But as soon as I put him in his crib he just whimpers and looks at me and gives me a dirty slash "why are you doing this to me?!" look. And I walked out. I feel like I was abandoning him, but I know better. When nothing's working, sometimes you have to just let them fix it.

Geez, it was almost like he was mad at me. At one point he had calmed down in his rocker, so I asked him if he felt better. He looks over at me and here come the waterworks! It's not like him to be fussy, so I'm really thinking we'll see another tooth here soon. I don't see where from though, so I can't give him any oragel (that I know works).

I just want to hug him and tell him it's my first time too, and I'm just as confused and frustrated as he is. And that I'm sorry.

Oh, the other half of what the title means! I almost bitch slapped a couple of people today while Whit and I were out shopping. What's the deal with everyone getting all up in our grill at the checkout line? It's not going to get you out any faster, but it will get my cute little boot up your ass! Don't you know there's a FLU outbreak?! Stop breathing on my child!

/rant over

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