Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Don't worry I'm waiting until the birth to crack open that wine bottle!

Who knew the key to getting along with women was being pregnant? I've had so many strangers come up to me and give advice, sympathy or congratulations. Last night at the bookstore I got nauseous and was rubbing my belly looking pained and an older lady says, "I feel your pain! I remember those days. but enjoy them when they're little, they grow up quick!" And funny that the advice I get most often is "enjoy them, they're not little for long." And the advice Ben keeps getting is "everything is about to change." Really, guys? Way to be some Debbie Downers!

That was my Facebook status this morning. And now, I stand corrected. I took one of our dogs to the vet for her annual check-up and shots and the tech that came in for her nearly fell out about me being pregnant. He was a young black guy that was SO excited I was having a baby he honestly had to sit down for a few moments! It was hilarious, and a little odd, and I really didn't know what to do other than smile and laugh with him and listen to his stories.

Mercy the stories! Maybe that's why people love a pregnant woman, it reminds them of when their children were babies and lets them bask in those memories for a moment. Almost every parent I come across wants to tell me about their children or their grandchildren, and the story of their birth, or whatever ailments they went through, or honestly anything! The vet today told me a random story about her accidentally underfeeding her baby when she was nursing because she was (and still is!) a very skinny minnie. It had nothing to do with anything we were talking about, or anything to do with my dog, just a completely random story about nursing.

Not that I mind. Sometimes the stories crack me up, sometimes they give me great relief because either it's letting me know I'm not that different or it distracts me from freaking out. And besides, I've always been a believer in making other people's lives better. Whether that means giving things, money or effort to charity or just listening to people when they feel the need to tell you something. And it's funny, no one has been judgmental or pushy about things. Everyone has been as happy as they can be and any advice they throw out has been mostly valid. The only thing I haven't listened to has been the "oh you can have a *little* wine".

Crazy how as soon as I'm pregnant, that's when everyone wants to give you alcohol. And here I thought if I ordered a glass of wine at seven months pregnant people would dive to slap the glass out of my hand! I'm beginning to wonder if I did order that glass, how many people in the restaurant would just nod their head with a wink!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My First Mother's Day...

Yeah, I know I'm quite a bit late on this one, but I keep forgetting to show off my first Mother's Day present from Ben! It's a peridot for what will (hopefully) be the baby's birthstone. Isn't it gorgeous?! I love it so much and I was completely taken aback that Ben would even think to do it. He's usually not the best gift-giver in the world, but when it's those special moments that count he's always done really well. I still gush over my engagement ring to people! 

Sorry for the terrible iPhone pic, but it is incredibly awkward trying to take a picture of your own neck without giving yourself a few extra chins!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pets and baby

Ben and I have been a little worried about how our three furry children will handle a human child joining our ranks. So I keep looking for tips and hints on how to prepare your pets for a baby in the house. The most popular one I keep finding is to let them sniff everything baby-related that comes into the house and praise them a lot for it. And let me tell you it has worked! The nursery is now all three's favorite room, although the new rug may be a huge factor. And then yesterday this finally happened...

When we put the stroller together we even said "Wonder how long before Ceti gets in".

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnancy is a pain in the butt...

...and back ...and feet.

I hate to be all whiny, but man my back has been killing me! And the worse thing about back pain during pregnancy is this constant feeling I need to pop my back, but I can't. Popping my back again will be such a luxury once it's possible! At least I know I should have back pain, this strange foot and butt pain is new to me. I need to do some research to see if anyone has had either of these. I have a what may be a bruise on the pad of my foot, but it's not discolored, just kind of swollen? And the rear-end pain is VERY odd. I have been waiting for these Braxton-Hicks to show up, but all I get is a shooting pain up my bum occasionally. I told Ben if these are contractions, I'm not sure how well I'll handle everything!

Last weekend we went to Memphis for one of the in-laws baby showers and more to come! It was wonderful, I forget how much I like Ben's family and my MIL's friends. We got a TON of things, in fact, I can't wait until I get a day off to really put together some of the goodies. The biggies were the pack n' play, an infant car seat, diaper genie (hallelujah!), lots and lots of bedding. It was funny how excited I would get over things and one of the cousins would remind me I had registered for it. Glad I was having an "on" day when I registered! Plus, I'm always shocked when things are gifted from a registry. In my family, registries are seen as adorable suggestions of what you would like, but will never receive.

I'm so glad to have the next couple of weekends off from travelling. I love visiting friends and family, but I am exhausted! And the third trimester sleepiness has hit me big time, so much so I took an unintentional three hour nap last night...oops.

Plus, I have way too many projects to complete here soon:

-Prime and paint dresser
-Create shelving for nursery
-Hang art in nursery
-Make curtains for laundry closet
-Attach shoe molding in nursery
-Re-pot leftover plants from the past couple of weeks
-Put away baby shower gifts
-Dispose of the thousands of paint samples we've acquired lately

And occasionally take pictures of things, this blog is so bare looking!

Friday, May 18, 2012

"Mommy's Little Monster" Baby Shower

Last weekend was my first baby shower, thrown by my fabulous sister, Shanna, and fabulous friend, Summer. It even ended up being appropriate since it was the day before Mother's Day. We all had a fantastic time and I was thrilled, seeing as I've never been to a baby shower in my life! I didn't know what to expect, but I've heard horror stories of fake pooped-in diapers, cakes resembling pregnant torsos or, worse, fetuses! Thankfully, they are just as horrified by that stuff as me and everything was awesome. 

I had mentioned a while back that I was digging a kind of monster theme, and they hit the ground running with it. I've been having a hard time finding monster things that weren't just wall art, but they really did well and had to get creative. And Shan and Summer are nothing if not creative! Just check out some of the pictures from the shower below...

Shanna's amazing diaper cake. I swear she needs to sell these, she's so good at it!

The monster cake (chocolate) with wedding cake eyeball cake pops.

A few of us decorating onesies and bibs. Shanna got really good at this and started making things for the less-crafty people to claim as their creations.

Summer signed some of her work. 

A few of the monsters my mom crocheted for the bambino.

My friend, Amanda, who is almost exactly 4 weeks behind me. As you can see, we've already given up on real shoes. Though that could be just from living in the South, not necessarily being pregnant. 

Then, after the shower and Shanna and I had spent Mother's Day with our mom, we + Summer headed back to Franklin to work on the nursery for a bit. I feel like we got a lot done, and it definitely looks like a room now! And then I think about that half-finished dresser in the shed (grrr). But whatever, it was nice just having girly company around for once!

Working on putting together the lethal crib.

Shan putting up the mobile, which require some impressive knotting skills.

There were definitely some hang ups putting things together. The crib, for instance, we could not figure out how to put together. It's 30 years old, so the instructions are long gone. But I had an inkling of how it should work, but there were these holes that looked filled in for some reason. Summer and Ben started fiddling with them, turns out dirt daubers had been to work there and when they cleared out the holes our came some 10-year old bug pieces. Ben may have freaked out a bit (I'm definitely the bug-slayer of the house). But we got it all cleaned up and it's fine, you know aside from being the Crib of Death. Whilst googling assembly instructions for it, all I could find were articles exclaiming that this crib would eat our children, pets, and anyone unlucky enough to not understand how to operate the drop side feature. Oh come on, internet, this crib has already housed three kids, I think we'll be fine.

Well, I'm off to start writing thank you notes. I swear to be a good person this time (and make up for my bridal showers) and write everyone a thank you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh the aches, I mean joys, of being pregnant...

Saturday I was sick...again. Same old nausea + no Zofran = me throwing up every half hour like clockwork. This happens about once a week these days, which I guess is better than all the time like it was in December-January. But by the end of your second trimester and you call the doctor's office for another refill on your Zofran, they begin to nag you about needing it.

Nurse: "You're 25 weeks? You should be over this by now."

Me (in my head): "Well, no shit. But no one's told my stomach yet."
Me (out loud): "Tell me about it, but I'm not."

Nurse: "Okaaaayy. I guess we'll call you in another refill. But we'll also call in a suppository in case that doesn't work."

Uggggh, which is pointless. The Zofran works, it always works. I don't know why the last few times I've called they got it in their heads I need something for nausea for both ends. Anyway, on a Saturday my choices are limited. Call the after-hours line and hope they get back to me in a timely manner (yeah right), go to the ER and pay $400 for fluids and a Rx, or go to the clinic and hope I'm not dehydrated. Thankfully I have years of experience of knowing when I'm dehydrated and I wasn't there yet, but I also couldn't keep water down, so it was just a matter of time. Called Ben in tears because I didn't know what to do and I was exhausted. And the sweet fella left work to drive me to the clinic and pharmacy...with my Rx for more Zofran! Booyah!

That same sweet fella just had to pick me up from my walk about thirty minutes ago, too. I missed two days of my exercise routine due to the sickness, so I was picking it back up tonight with 20-30 minutes of walking, I thought. Halfway in the ligament on my right side starting aching, so I slowed down hoping it was just a stitch and I could work through it. Nah. I slowed to a crawl and just called Ben, asked if he could pick me up from a block away. Now that's what makes me feel pregnant!

Friday, May 4, 2012


We got a few projects done around the house today. Yay! The first one being our cat, Ceti's new habitat...

It may not look like much, but before the cat had completely taken over our second bathroom (which had been fine since nothing in there worked anyway, but now that most of it is fixed...). But this lovely little item contains his covered litter box, bag of litter, bag of food, and his food bowl on top. It's right next to a window so he can look out enviously at freedom and soon will have something to help keep litter inside and not all over the floor! When I get it completely set up I'll post more pics. Unfortunately I'm having to buy a new litter box since his old one is a tad too wide.

Also, my MIL came over and primed the nursery. Little did I know, until I got home, that she also put the first coat of paint on the walls too!

I was shocked and excited. Thank goodness I ended up loving the color! I was a little weary picking something so vibrant, but it really does look great. It's a little tough to tell from this picture with all the yellow from the light, but it's such a pretty color. And it makes the trim and floors look sooooo sharp! Now I'm only a little annoyed that I bought four more samples of paint after I had already had this, but mostly I'm relieved that the search is OVER.

Yesterday I started my for real workout routine. I found it on thebump last night and it's super quick and easy, but I can make it harder if I need to later. I can already feel a little burn in my legs today and some of that hip pain has gone away. Though the hip pain being gone may be from me no longer wearing scrubs to work. I refuse to buy anymore big scrubs and started to wear some pants I had that were close enough in color and most of the pain was gone by the time I got out of work! Anyhoo, here's the link to the workout if you're interested: Pregnancy Workout Plan. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctor's appointment blahs

Went in for the glucose test today. First of all, the nurses told me they hear lemon-lime is the best flavor to choose, then orange, then fruit punch. Of course no one told me that the day I had to pick and I chose fruit punch. Blech! It tastes like the sweetest, nastiest Kool-Aid you've ever had. Thankfully, I minored in chugging in college and made it through just fine... until they took my blood. Let me preface: I do fine with needles, giving blood, IVs, as long as I don't watch. If the tech is a good enough stick and you don't look, you don't even know when they stick you. I told the tech I wouldn't watch and I promised not the pass out. Well, the doctor comes in and we get to talking and all of a sudden I can't focus on what she's saying and all I can think is "Damn, I'm going to have to be rude and not answer for a moment." What I say is, "I'm sorry I lied, I think I'm going to pass out." Dr. said my blood sugar was probably too high after breakfast and the drink (they didn't tell me to fast before the drink or to not eat Apple Jacks!), plus it was really freakin' hot in that room! Today it's 90 degrees and they have the heater running! 

Well, turns out I've already gained 22 lbs. at 26 weeks, which is not great. So Ben and I have to start really  watching it and actually exercising every day. No more cookies and ice cream! Also, we're not sure why my hip has been killing me this last week. Theories are it's bad round ligament pain, my body is not handling the extra weight very well or something with a nerve. I have an appointment with a physical therapist next week in hopes of figuring it out. The pain has been close to unbearable, even on good days it's just plain annoying and hard to walk. I swear, how am I supposed to exercise when I'm either nauseous or can't walk?! :(

Oh well, I feel okay right now and the Preds are on an intermission, better get to walking!