Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Half-Year!

I cannot believe a half a year ago this little guy joined our family! I remember it like it was yesterday, which for me is quite a feat. Time has flown by, and Whit isn't the only one who has grown around here. I think Ben and I have grown tremendously as people, thanks to the new experiences due to Whit and because we're trying to be better people for him. Okay, enough sappiness!

At six months, Whit...

...weighs 19 lbs, 5 oz., is 27" tall and has a head circumference of 17.5". Which equals out to 80th percentile for weight, 75th for length, and 75th on head circumference. Which hopefully means he's slowing down the growth.

...because someone is wearing 9 months-sized clothes! I was completely caught off guard with this and we were not prepared! I'm still trying to find fleece, footed pajamas in 9 months. still wearing size 4 Swaddlers.

...LOVES all the weird noises we can think to make. He chuckled like a madman at me making my "no" noise to the dogs. It kind of sounds like a dolphin saying "uh-huh", to give you an idea. sitting up by himself pretty well. He really only needs someone nearby for when he starts to tumble, which is rare.

...has another couple of teeth coming in. I've been watching the edge of two of them for a week now. The doctor said he may get his incisors in before his two front teeth... then we'll have a baby vampire on our hands!

...has tried rice cereal, peas, squash, pears, and bananas so far. And I think he did not inherit my sweet tooth. The fruits he spits right back out, unless I mix it into his cereal. Veggies he loves, hopefully that is still true in a few years.

...has tried drinking from a transitional-kind-of-sippy cup with a little success, but mostly just wet clothes.

...experienced his first snow. He thought it was pretty, but he would rather be watching it from inside a warm house. an excellent roller and is trying so hard to crawl. Today he got up on his hands and knees twice. Ben swears he crawled an inch this morning.

...went through a squealing phase and is already done with it. We joked he was part pterodactyl.

...also makes a kind of kissing noise, but I don't think he's kissing. I think he's calling the dogs!

...hugged me and it made my year. slow to warm up to strangers (and people he's met before) I'm noticing. He doesn't get upset if a stranger holds him, he just gets very quiet and watches their every move for a very long time. After a few hours he decides you're cool and smiles at you.

...attended his first baby shower for his Auntie Shanna and I think he won over a few previously anti-having-kids friends.


  1. Omg. If Whit is 6mo....Pierce will be in NINE DAYS! I've been telling folks he's 5.5mo. He's now closer to 6mo than 5.5! Can we slow these boys down any?!

    Whit is so funny! I can't get over how hig he is, & must admit I'm glad he has the same sized head as Pierce lol!!

  2. Aww, a hug?! That would make my year too.