Saturday, February 9, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 5

This week was about currrrazzzzzy weather. We went from mid-60s and tornado warnings to snow and are now back to 50s-60s. We tried to play out in Whit's first snow, but he was more interested in watching it fall... from inside... like his mom. It was also time for Whit's 6-month well baby visit and Ben was able to come with this time. Little man thought it was great fun (until the shots) and wondered why we didn't have a huge mirror and a big roll of crinkly paper for him at home. Also for a nice little surprise in the mail from my parents. We're faux Cajun, so it's time to eat king cake and go to parades. My folks went to Mardi Gras in Mobile this year and I'm hoping when Whit gets a little older we can take him and show him how to catch beads (it involves an umbrella).

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