Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Weekend and Lately...

July 7 was my birthday and I was a brat about it.

I don't know why, but the older I get the more "important" I think birthdays should be. I knew Ben was having to work on it (and Whit's unfortunately) and he couldn't get out of it, so I declared the weekend before my birthday. I handed down demands and wishes and when things didn't work out I pouted like our toddler. After an argument with Ben and a little time, I'm completely disappointed with myself and how I behaved. But Ben forgave me and I have forgiven myself. My motto is to always learn from the lessons we're given, over and over and over!

Despite my attitude we had a pretty good weekend and things have been great ever since! I think Ben and I had both held back saying a lot of things over the past few months. And after the flood gates were opened we both learned a lot and have been working on ourselves for the other. I had no idea how stressed he was at work and he had no idea why I was hurt that he was cool with his dad and stepmom crashing with us unexpectedly the night before my birthday. (It really was okay, except that I was going to be the one to kick them out in the morning because I was leaving town the next day. Which I'm not comfortable doing!)

Lately I've been growing as a person and I was thinking back about the changes this weekend. I need to just write it all down because it truly is amazing what will change when you have a child. Though, not all of the changes are because of him.                     Okay! Enough words, hit me with some pictures!

Friday was July 4th so started the weekend off with some goodies at the farmer's market:

And our weekly visit to the petting zoo at said market. This guy was about to take the fence down for my popcorn!

We also went to the festival in downtown Franklin, but it was so hot and not a lot going on, so I have no pictures. Plus, Whit's not a fan of fireworks yet so we jetted out before they started. Saturday was my annual shopping trip to Anthropologie, but I hit up a few boutiques I haven't tried yet. And found this waytooshort romper... Yowza!

And this awesome dress! This was the winner of the day, just don't judge my face :-/

I love the signs shops put out in downtown!
That night Ben, me, our friend Anthony, and my friends Summer and Eric came up for dinner, drinks and a "friendly" game of CAH. I am way too good at this game. Which means I'm a terrible person...lol

I can't believe I didn't take a single picture of them while they were here! DUMMY!

Before I woke up on my birthday, the inlaws had left and the donut and orchid fairy had visited... Ooh!

Whit and I hung out with our friends Amanda, Jared and Pierce. Had lunch, saw their new house and visited the splash pad nearby. I am so jealous because the closest splash pad here is about an hour away! 

The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves...

 Especially when a big pile of dirt/mulch/whatever is involved...

My little love-bug sharing the wealth
Then when we got home, Ben gave me this in the second sappiest card he could find. AHHHHHHH! I cannot WAIT!

We closed the evening with dinner and drinks on the patio of a local favorite spot. Turns out this drink was the girliest, most delicious I've had in Franklin so far. And we will definitely be getting a fishbowl of it next time!

It really was a great weekend and life is good and I need to remember that and shut the hell up sometimes! 


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