Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm obsessed! aka- Bluum vs. Citrus Lane

With subscription boxes. Y'all. It's getting bad. I'm now up to six that I've tried and some I'm still getting. I may have a problem. I really need a laughing/frowning/crying ironically emoji for that. lol

Today we got another Bluum box for Whit in. Unfortunately I had cancelled those, but I didn't do it in time. Fortunately it was a great box! I really wish Bluum and Citrus Lane could combine and be one really great kid's box. It seems when one is a bad month, the other is great and vice versa. Last month's Citrus Lane was a disaster: A place mat we already got a previous month, a book to make up for said place mat, another tube of lip balm/sunscreen/whatever I don't even remember because it's what they put in every box now, and a cell phone toy, that Whit thankfully loved... for two days.

The Bluum box this month had two books, which at first I frowned at, but turns out both are great! This one is all about counting different things, which Whit has been trying out the past couple of weeks. Usually he counts "two, three, eight, nine, ten! hooray!" Occasionally he throws in a nineteen and twenty, you know, for spice.

And then there was a getting ready for potty-training book which I was thrilled to see! We currently have a potty for downstairs and upstairs and we've been trying to plant the seed for months now. Whit was telling us when he had wet and dirty diapers, but now he just ignores it. And worse, if I ask him if he's going potty he'll tell me "no" regardless of what's going on down there. Sigh. I foresee potty training taking a long time with him!

Then we got these match game cards that I'm really excited about:

And of course, the obligatory washing items. This time a sample pack of boogie wipes that WILL definitely be used come fall. And some more shampoo. Which is great, don't get me wrong, it will get used. We just look like doomsday preppers that are VERY concerned about our son's haircare needs!


I can't remember if I mentioned it here before or not, but we tried Bluum box before and I hated it. It was difficult to sign up, difficult to cancel, tracking was atrocious and the items were mostly food products. But then two months ago I got an email inviting me back saying how they had changed. And it is definitely better, or at least trying. Now there's a place in your profile where you can mark milestones your child has already reached to help you get more appropriate items. Which is great if your kid is a little ahead of the game in some areas. Last month they missed the mark with that (especially sending my baby sunglasses... you know for an infant?), but this was much better! Better enough, that I'm eyeing my Citrus Lane box a little more carefully this month and will be reevaluating which we keep. 

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