Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gardening... glorious, glorious gardening!

Ha, sort of. It's been so nice lately (with the exception of the past two days.. freeze warning tonight!) that I've re-caught my gardening bug. I already potted my yellow cherry tomato, mint, and lemon balm for the year and got a strawberry plant to try. I've tried before without success, but I think I have an idea of what I'm doing now, so wish me luck. I also got to pruning some of our shrubs, including one particular monster...

Originally I was going to just take down the entire thing. Clearly the previous owners thought it was just a shrub a planted it a mere SIX INCHES from the house. Well, turns out it's sort of a tree and is eating the nursery's window. So I start chopping away trying to figure how I'm going to do this without a chainsaw, and then I noticed a robin's nest. With eggs. And being the damn hippy I am, I can't destroy the entire tree until the little ones have left. So now we have this...

What I call the Dr. Seuss tree. I sawed away most of what I could and kept the pieces surrounding the nest. I'm sure our crazy neighbor from across the street is flipping out looking at it, but I've been told it only takes about two weeks for robin eggs to hatch.

Oh and I love that doing this allowed me to discover that corner didn't get a second coat of paint from the guy we hired to paint the windows and trim while I was pregnant. Lame.

Oh well, everything else is looking gorgeous I just keep forgetting to stop smelling the roses and take pictures of them to share!

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