Thursday, April 25, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 16

This week was spent mostly just hanging out and marveling at how quickly Whit is growing and mastering new things. He's so much more fascinated by the little everyday things than his toys. As I type this he's squealing, crawling around the kitchen carrying a dish towel and pushing Foster's food bowl across the floor. He'd much rather those things than his blocks, cups or his talking puppy, which has apparently fallen so out of favor he cries at it now. Ben had Whit for two days by himself this week, so after I got out of work Monday we tried the playground. Whit wasn't too impressed at first, he does already have a swing at home. But he did enjoy sliding quite a bit, here's an action shot:

He also really liked swinging in that contraption Ben's using. I've never seen anything like it and can't figure out why it exists. When we came to it I felt like I was discovering a new land like the first time I had escargot or the time I discovered a female urinal (yikes). 

Anyhoo, his favorite activity was watching the big kids play. I have got to find him some other babies to play with. Hopefully we'll get to do a water babies class here soon and we're going to try Gymboree, so we'll see how those go. 

Okay, wow, I can really ramble if given the chance. The top left pic is from Whit's first taste of edamame, which he's still not sure about. And the bottom right I am in love with. I took a bunch of pictures of Ben holding trying to wrangle Whit and every expression is different. And it's so amazing because I see both of us distinctly in him. One picture will be of me when I was little, then the next is a face Ben makes now. Now I want to scan some old pictures of us as babies and compare!

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