Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter basket goodies...

... a week later! That's okay though, it's the last day for me to link it up with the good life blog and share what was in Whit's first Easter basket. Wish I had taken pictures of it sooner, it's not like I didn't already have it put together weeks before Easter!

So what all is in it? The basket, letter "W" gift tag thingy (it's tied onto the left side, but I forgot to take a picture of it... oops) plush book, stuffed bunny, eggs, melty creme snacks, and maracas (which you can't see) all came from Target. The books both have different textures inside, which Whit is totally digging right now, both came from Sam's Club. And the bubbles came from Toys R Us. 

The snacks have been a huge hit. They are really tasty, I just wish they made adult sized bags! Whit has also been crazy about the maracas. I really thought he wouldn't care since they're basically big rattles, but hey, they were a dollar. Best dollar spent! Last night he was shaking them around, shaking them above his head, beating them on the floor, each other, showing them off to us, the dogs, the cat. He's hilarious.

I've got to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the basket. But I didn't want the typical looking one, because I remember them being really hard to carry when going on actual egg hunts. I guess my competitive nature came out subconsciously, because he'll be able to carry SO MANY EGGS when it comes time. Mwhahaha!

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