Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Eight Months!

At eight months, Whit...

...weighs in around 22 lbs... I think. The last time we weighed, three weeks ago he was almost 21 lbs. wearing 12 months in Carter's and 12-18 months in Old Navy/Gap clothes... and those are most of his wardrobe. Honestly he's not long enough for any of it, but his shoulders are so dang broad anything smaller looks like he's wearing muscle shirts! still wearing size 4 Swaddlers.

...may be teething again! His bottom gum looked a little funny tonight and he's been chewing his fists again. Poor thing is going to have a full set before his first birthday at this rate! CRAWLING, STANDING and CLIMBING like a madman! The past two weeks my only job has been keeping him from killing himself. And believe me, we've had a few close calls. When he finally figured out how to crawl it was on! Within two days he was pulling up on the furniture, trying to stand. Two days after that he pulled himself up and sat back down by himself (I've read that some kids have a tough time figuring out how to get down?). And as soon as he was standing, he's lifting his feet trying to climb over whatever it is he's holding onto. Oy, so this is what having a son feels like! in love with the dog's room. If I don't corral him somewhere, he'll bolt to the dog's room. He loves using their crates to stand up and he LOVES opening and closing Foster's crate's door.

...another reason he loves that room? Laundry TV. This past week I've sat him in front of the washer or the dryer in his bouncer and he loves watching the colors. Plus, we have high-efficiency machines so they make some pretty weird noises.

...has started waving! It occurred to me that we could probably be teaching Whit how to do certain things. He picks up on stuff wicked fast, so why not? I had him waving in a day and a half! I'm trying to get him to blow kisses or do something helpful like, sign when he's hungry, but no dice just yet.

...knows what "No" means. Thankfully he only has to be told once before he stops. Except when it comes to the dogs' food and water bowls. I may need to do some creative problem solving for those.

...says "dada" A LOT. In fact he stopped saying "mama" almost completely... until today. He kept wanting to say it when I was feeding him so today was pretty messy, not that I minded!

...makes yummy noises when he eats. This is totally my fault. Four months of feeding him solids and still I can't not open my mouth when he does and I can't not make yummy ("nom nom nom") noises while feeding him! But it's so cute when he does it. starting to show some emotion... and a temper. Normally, Whit is a very easy-going baby. But lately, he gets mad at diaper changes, if his bottle is taking too long (and he can see it) or if you take something from him. Ooh, that last one has been a little tough since he doesn't move on to the distraction well. He's also cried a few times when I've scared him. Not on purpose! I was trying to play with him and I guess I was a little too loud and I surprised him. He looked like someone had shocked him and just started bawling. Once he bit me and I told him No, but I guess I did it a little too sharply and he just cried. Oh I felt horrible and started to cry too. So I'm learning to quiet down a bit.

...has thoroughly enjoyed all the outside time lately: in the swing, in the grass, on blankets, whatevs.

...snores. Loudly. His sleeping habits have become a new source of entertainment for me and Ben. Thursday night it was butt in the air, on one shoulder, mouth hanging open, in the corner of his crib, snoring. His favorite has been wrapping his blanket around his head, making a cocoon as soon as you put it on him. such a chuckler. And has started fake laughing. I don't remember what Ben and I were laughing about, but Whit was watching us, confused, and started laughing. Sort of. It sounds a little like a laugh, a cough, and his dying duck noise. Oh gosh, this kid cracks me up and melts my heart!

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  1. Girl, I had to resort to startling when Pierce bites while nursing. It works! The other advice I was givenwas to POP HIM in the mouth! Um, no! LuckLuckily I was able to fix the problem with startling!
    Love Whit & can't wait to see you guys