Thursday, April 4, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 13

This past week the big deal was Easter and Ben took some time off work to spend with us. We've never really celebrated Easter in our little family because we don't go to church and one of us was usually working that day until this year. And no matter how many times I asked, Ben wouldn't hide Easter eggs for me! Guess I should've taken out an ad on Craigslist, duh! (And yes, that's my town being repped there... face palm.)

This year we I decided that was going to change. I asked Ben's mom if we could go to their church for Easter service and she almost passed out from shock and glee. So we got up early to go to the service and I was a little taken aback. Not sure if it's because I grew up going to a little Baptist church in the sticks or because Methodist are really that different? Not only were the alter-people and talking back new to me, but there was a brass quartet and the whole thing was being simulcast to the rest of the congregation in a building across the street! After church, we went to the in-laws and had lunch and took pictures of us in our "Sunday best", then we came home and let Whit rummage through his Easter basket.

The other two pictures are our random life right now. Now that Whit is crawling he likes to follow me from room to room, even when I vacuum. He just plays with the cord occasionally. And the rather dim picture is of Ben and Whit hanging out one of the nights he refuses to sleep. Not sure why he's given it up lately. My sister offered that he gave it up for Lent and no one told him Easter is already over. Or that we're not Catholic.

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