Thursday, April 18, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 15

Ooh, that summer is trying to show up way too early! We had a couple days this week of 80+ degree weather, but I'm fine with that since I lurve warm weather. So out came the snoball trucks, which has become a recent sign of warmer weather here. I grew up in Mississippi where there were always snoball places, but since it's warm during most of the year they were open pretty much all the time. Here, there's an actual winter so the past year middle Tennessee has acquired a couple of cute snoball trucks. I got mine with "creme" (really it's condensed milk... and people wonder why the South has such an obesity problem) and the guy making it was surprised, since only real Southerners know about creme in their snoballs.

Whit has become only happy while in motion... or when smearing food into his hair. He's still obsessed with the dogs' houses and opening and closing their doors. And he's recently become fascinated with the washer and dryer. He can sit and watch our Laundry TV run for 5-10 minutes, and that's a long time for him! The main picture this week was from this morning. Ben fed Whit his morning bottle today and Whit started stroking his beard. It was so fascinating/delicate/cute/adorable. I love pictures of my two guys together.

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  1. Hahahahaha. The pic of Ben & Whit, looks like Ben is drinking from the bottle if you don't look closely.