Thursday, May 2, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 17

This past week gave us some nice weather, lots of speedy crawling and a visit from some grandparents! Top left would be Whit's latest weirdness. I can't decide if he's giving kisses to the appliances or he's trying to eat them, but the dishwasher, washer and dryer all get these slobbery fish-mouth action now. Next pic over is Ben playing a game of beeminton (badminton + carpenter bees = beeminton). It's been the only efficient, non-toxic way I've found to get rid of them!

Bottom left is Ben's dad and step-mom getting as much Whit time as they could muster. Ben's dad does landscaping work and is driving through town every couple of months on his way to his suppliers, so it's nice getting to see them so often.

Yup, that says "Fried Chicken Day!"... we do live in the South. And bottom right is our cat, Ceti, enjoying a little outside time. If you knew our cat, you'd be nervous about that last sentence. Every time we let him out for more than two minutes he tries to go feral. Last time he accidentally got out on my watch, Ben had to come home from work to get him back in the house. The noise that cat made... he sounded like a panther screaming!

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