Thursday, May 30, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 21

Awesome weather for an awesome holiday weekend! My in-laws came by to finish up painting the shed/carport and it's looking great. We only have the back left to finish, but it's not like I can see it...

We also had some friends visit and a Friday night off with Papa! The top middle picture would be of Whit enjoying his first piece of sushi that night. We don't always do baby led weaning, but we definitely have to when we go out to eat with little man. He gets jealous if he sees other people eating. So now I have a place mat (thank you Citrus Lane!) in my purse just in case. We usually just pick off a little from our plates that isn't too salty or spicy and let him go to town. That night he got carrot slivers, sticky rice, edamame, and salmon. He wolfed down that salmon like a pro!

Top right is Ben being silly and my flight of beers from our night out with the guys. Who knew milk stout was so tasty? Bottom right is Foster and Whit enjoying some sunshine. And the pictures on the left are the best! My friend, Amanda, her husband and her baby, Pierce stopped by for a visit on their way through town. Whit and Pierce are only a few days apart, even though they were supposed to be a month apart. Not that you can tell now! We were all thrilled to see how happy the babies were to play with another baby. It was way too cute. I hope Amanda doesn't kick my butt for posting pictures of her son, but I had to share! For the record, I tried to post ones that didn't show much of his face so I didn't get in too much trouble.

We had such a good time, we're going to try to make it a monthly thing. Although, this month is looking shaky thanks to weddings and showers. But I guess we can make it up in August when it's both our boys' birthdays!

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  1. Nah, I don't care lol. I watermark mine on my blog because of freaks who literally steal your life! A girl I blog follow had someone send her a facebook profile with her pictures ALL over it. Like, freak built an entire alternate personality using a TON of this blogger's pics. Recent, and old. So I watermark any with Pierce in them. ya did fine lol