Friday, May 17, 2013

Happy Nine Months!

(I'm featuring two pictures this month since I'm not in love with any one in particular. Someone is getting way too mobile for these!)

At nine months, Whit... apparently only 21 lbs. And 28.5" tall. Someone has decided to slow down a bit, but the doctor thinks it could be since someone has become such a speed demon at crawling. (That same someone is trying desperately to give up solids, but that could have just been the incoming tooth talking.) still wearing size 4 Swaddlers, though we're about to try the Cruisers. The Swaddlers just aren't fitting right, even though he's not yet in the weight range for the ones he's wearing. It's just kinda weird. Still in 12 month shirts and 9-12 month pants in most brands. I'm just glad we've graduated to wearing tee shirts now!

...has stood up on his own a few times the past two days. I think tonight is the first time he's realized when he's doing it. 

...LOVES to jump... with Mama's help, of course. Though last night he was bouncing while holding on to me and I *think* his feet might have left the ground for a second! (PS- if you're kid likes bouncing, it doesn't necessarily mean he'll like a Johnny Jump-Up. Bought him one tonight and he cried the entire time he was in it.)

...has stopped saying words in favor of his pterodactyl screech again. Except the word "hey". He says that A LOT. Even told a random lady "hey" last night on our walk.

...has settled on a sleeping position. Ben calls it "the race car". He sleeps on his belly with his arms and legs tucked underneath him with his butt in the air. It's the cutest damn thing!

...had one tiny episode of separation anxiety a couple of weeks ago. I keep reading in apps and books that it's coming, but so far so good. ::fingers crossed::

...has become a little slow to warm up to strangers. I brought Whit by work one day and he just stared at my co-workers. But he'll let them hold him, he just takes a little while before he'll smile at anyone. Unless you're the weird bagger at Publix. Whit loves that dude!

...can crawl up stairs. And open drawers. Life is starting to get dangerous! 

...may have tried a few weird things that he's not supposed to. Like he may have tried cheese, some cookie, Asian pork, and salmon. the green light for proteins. The jury is still out about if he likes eating proteins.

...loves having his picture made. We've had a couple of meltdowns the past week. And when he does this I pull out my camera or phone and start taking pictures. So Whit will look confused, smile and bam, the red face is gone. And honestly? I kind of like my pictures of his meltdowns, he still looks cute. no longer a fan of riding in the car. Well, apparently just my car. And he's not always a fan of being in the stroller anymore. A couple of night walks have ended with Ben walking home with Whit in his arms.

...has eight teeth now! know when you move your finger up and down on your lips it can make a funny sound? Does that even have a name? Anyway, Whit almost has the hang of it. With us doing it to him and him doing it to us. And it cracks him up! One night he sat in my lap and we were doing it to each other giggling. Oh how I wish I had video of that night.

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  1. um...we're supposed to wait to feed them proteins? Yeah, about that...Pierce has been nibbling on eggs and ground turkey lol. Maybe that's why my kid has finally become the GIGANTOR of the two of them.
    I need to get on my update, but his appointment isn't for another week and a half.

    love you guys