Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today's the day!

I'm excited today for two...well maybe make that three reasons. 1) Ben and I are both off work today, sort of. 2) We find out the baby's gender! 3) Just got an email that the baby book I ordered has come in, yay!

Oh man, I've got five and a half hours before the ultrasound, but I'm too excited to do anything. Thank goodness I have a meeting at work to take up some of the time today. Although, that may mean I won't really be paying attention to what we're talking about.

In random other good news, we managed to sell my old Sunfire yesterday, and for way more than I ever would have imagined! Let me explain, I had this car for 11 years, it had 130,000+ miles on it, and everything that could be wrong with it was....except the transmission, since I had just bought a new one two years ago. But it's sad to see it go, it was my first real car and I loved it. And loving a car is similar to loving a person, if you do you are willing to overlook all the little things that pester you about them. No one else can understand why you put up with a clock display that doesn't work, but you can't be mad at it, just think of all those road trips it took you on.

Maybe I romanticize things a bit much ;)

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