Saturday, October 19, 2013

Packing and a sick toddler

Equal some interesting and trying times. Add to that Ben will be out of town on business next week (the week before we close) is beginning to make me a nervous wreck. Thank God, again, Whit is such an easy kid.

Last weekend when Whit came home from visiting folks in Memphis he had a cold. (I'm pretty sure he didn't catch mine, I was so careful!) So the weekend pretty much went like this: carrying Whit around all day, constantly giving him liquids, and trying to convince him sleep was a good idea. Every night he had to fall asleep on someone to go to bed and when we put him in his crib he'd usually wake up and we'd do it all over again. Then he'd wake at 4am for round two of the same. But liquids, vapo-rub, vaporizer, propped up crib mattress, and cuddles won in the end and he was only out of commission for the weekend. By Tuesday he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again.

This week we've I've been packing and cleaning which is almost completely futile with a toddler. Especially when his favorite activity is putting things in and out of boxes. Although it will be fun finding random toys when we unpack. I smile every time I find a block in the washing machine.

This weekend is the second week of The Dining Room and since Whit hasn't been sleeping much he got to entertain the cast last night at dinner. (The kid's bedtime has moved to midnight the past two nights. Why?!)

Whit with Mr. Tom (our stage manager)

And trying on Seth's (cast) hipster glasses. 
I think someone else might become a performer. His facial expressions slay me lately. He's started giving me these disapproving looks that are too funny. Okay, now, on to more packing...

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