Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How the original "babies" have reacted

Whit was three weeks old Monday and so far so good. I am amazed at how well the animals have taken to
him. Zoey has pretty much adopted him as her puppy, Foster is interested but a little busy healing at the moment (he's injured one of his eyes again), and Ceti is actually a little scared. I guess if I had thought about their personalities a little more, I should have expected these reactions from them. Zoey's the people-lover, Foster is skiddish, but protective of us (and constantly injuring himself) and Ceti, well, I had no idea what to expect from him since he's quite hellish. But the best thing about it all is I can leave Whit in his car seat or bassinet with any of them in the room and they won't bother him. Thank goodness!

The only trouble comes from the dogs playing with each other. Foster has to be part beagle, because he is such a talker! People often think he's growling, but really it's just his version of conversation and it can often get quite loud. Thankfully, though, I've read that babies are not bothered by whatever noises they encountered while in the womb. So dogs playing, and our crazy next door neighbors, don't stir him from his naps. If only I could get him to nap...

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