Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two weeks old and trying to crawl, or get away...

Lifting his head! Though he was much more interested in trying to poke his eye out.
Now that most of Whit's umbilical cord has fallen off I finally felt comfortable letting him have some real tummy time. Up until now I've tried to give him lots of time laying on my chest or stomach to get him used to the idea of tummy time without disturbing his cord too much. We knew he was a strong little guy, but I had no idea what he would do on our first attempt at real tummy time. Since about two days old he's been lifting his head and trying to look around, even the pediatrician was shocked! These days when I burp him on my shoulder he still lifts his head and will turn to look when his papa or I am talking to him.

So! Tummy time went well, I was really worried he would hate it and start screaming immediately like I've read what happens the first couple of times. But we lasted a solid five minutes or so. I laid him down and laid down beside him and talked with him and he seemed pretty content...and squirmy! He didn't try to raise his head too much, but he did start kicking his legs and trying to throw one leg over the other like he was trying to roll over! I'll have to see when babies are really supposed to do that, but I'm quite sure two weeks is a teeny bit premature. Anyhoo, it's been going pretty well. Even the dogs like to participate...

Whit and Zoey both having their tummy time. You can see he's kicking like crazy!

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