Friday, August 30, 2013

Stitch fix!

Can I just say I am in love/obsessed/addicted to these monthly box businesses? The only blogs I've read this past week have been ones reviewing monthly boxes. Right now Whit gets two (but that was an accident and I need to cull that to one per month) and it was high time mama got one for herself. And Stitch Fix is perfect for me. I love fashion, though you would never know it from looking at me. I was a jeans and tee kind of girl who grew into a yoga pants and tank kind of woman. But I own fun pieces, I just never wear them. So in an attempt to make my closet a little cooler I thought I would try out the box and see what I get.

Basically you sign up for $20 and fill out a questionnaire (and you can link a Pinterest board to your profile) about your personal style. Then a personal stylist will send you five pieces for you to try. You get 3 days to try them on, see what you like, and you buy only the pieces you want. And that $20 you spent earlier is like a credit towards your purchase.

And mine came today!!! It was like big girl Christmas!

I'm liking it so far...

What's funny is the piece I was most sure about has left me scratching my head the most about buying it. And the piece that was my least favorite, became a must have after trying it on. So, here's the pieces I got. Heads up, we're still unpacking from vacation and there are clothes EVERYWHERE in these pictures. #keepinitreal

1. Originally my "no way in hell" piece. Black Swan's Olive Fit & Flare ponte dress

I still think it's a ton of red on me, but damn it just fit so well! And I LOVE the flare of the skirt. Right now I'm thinking it with my nude wedges, but in winter fun tights and flats (maybe booties?) Oh I've been wanting a ponte dress forever. Yay!

2. Colletive Concepts Esten Sleeveless Blouse

I like it and it fits great. But navy? Ack, what do you wear with a navy top? The suggestion card had a plum pencil skirt on one of the outfits, which looks cool. But now I would have to find a plum pencil skirt! My other hang up is it's $58! The cheapskate in me is trying to remember if I've seen something similar at Target.

3. Kut from the Kloth Veronica Knit Top

Dolman sleeves: NEVER!

4. Collective Concepts Belted Kaleidoscope dress

It's cute and it's comfortable. But it's $78! And navy again! Aaaannd, I just bought a super cute black and white tribal-print dress. But dang it, I really liked that shirt hem in the back.

5. Bella Dahl Denim Tank.

Omg, this shirt feels amazing. And I knew I would love it because I'm way too into chambray this year. I was shocked at how versatile the stuff is! And it's made out of tencel, which I didn't even knew existed until two months ago. Ugggghhh, but it's $70. Do I really need another chambray top? And how long before it gets cold? And am I really going to wear denim on denim? I just don't think I'm cool enough to pull it off. 

So what have I decided? I'm definitely getting the red dress and I'm going to sleep on the chambray tank and navy sleeveless blouse. And I'm patting myself on the back for my excellent collection of shoes and jackets. Go me! Definitely doing this again!

If you would like to give Stitch fix a try (for a vacation, for a special event, for everyday), you can check it out here.

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  1. Mehmeh we've always had different fashion choices. However a huge yes on that red dress....big puffy pink heart

    I giggled over all of your mirror selfies hehehe