Monday, October 13, 2014

Whit Turned Two

Haha, it's been so long since I've posted anything I don't even know where to start! The past month has been crazy around here since it's been a non-stop routine of wet weather, colds and rehearsals. But since the show opened this past weekend I foresee things calming down a bit. Which makes me very happy and a little sad. I love when the madness of tech week is over, but I hate the post-show blues that comes with every performance.

In August Whit turned two and had nearly a month long celebration thanks to family being spread across the South. And experienced his first trip to the beach.

Cousin Logan looooved the "big sandbox" (what Whit called the beach)

The water was amazing, barely any waves the whole time. However, we saw a TON of these little guys. They're lesser electric rays and yes they shock the mess out of you! I was talking to my sister about them, before we Googled them, and she said she had pet one earlier without being shocked. Then she reaches to down and bazam! it got her. Even worse, one of the suckers swam a little too close to my bikini bottoms and scared the bejeebus out of me! EEEEeeeek!

I had been a little nervous about Whit getting into the water since last year he loved the pool so much he would try to just dive in. He still will dunk his head under in the bathtub and just laugh and laugh. I bought a little life vest in case he decided to take off running, but whenever he wore it he was afraid of the ocean. As soon as he was free of it, he was off and trying to reunite with his mer-family!


I imagine this is only the beginning with video games...

Then we had a little party at our house for some friends and the family nearby. Whit doesn't yet a have a lot of friends his age, so there was no need having a huge bash yet. Maybe next year!

One of Whit's early birthday presents: bouncy house!!
How else to entertain a couple of toddler boys? Dirt, trucks and bugs, of course.
And since it was a little party, instead of cake I made some cupcake-ice-cream-cone thingies.

And I have to share Whit's t-shirt for the day. I found this on Etsy the week of the party and was so thankful the owner could get me one just in time!

By the way, after all those shenanigans our house is overflowing with Vtech track and vehicles!

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