Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How we played: ball + box + stairs + mama

It's amazing how easy it can be to entertain a kid sometimes. With all this wet weather (and not wanting to spend money on indoor play places) I've had to do some digging around on Pinterest for ideas. And then sometimes you just come up with a game. 

Whit's been in a throwing MOOD the past two weeks. So the other day I figured I'd let him get it out of his system and throw some of his balls down the stairs. We started out with just two, but of course, that wasn't enough....

All we do is let him throw them down and we try to catch them in the box, fake not being able to catch them (he finds it hilarious), or let him try to throw them in the box without us helping. And we've been at this for four days straight now. I saw a post on a blog (not that I can remember which one...grrr!) where she had her child drop balls into a box over the back of a chair. At first I thought, how easy that must be! Well, we tried it and um, no not so easy! Apparently it was working on some sort of skills for Whit and interesting enough to keep him engaged for a while. Which is exactly what you need in a rainy day activity!

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