Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Around Town: Amuse'um

So let me start off by saying, the quality of pictures on this blog are going way way down. Trying to keep up with a two year old has me almost only using my phone. And he moves so fast most of my pictures are of his back, top of his head or blurry. C'est la vie!

I've heard about Amuse'um from Facebook and the women in my mom's group for about a year now, but we've never made it there until last month. We met our friends Amye and Ben there to check it out since the weather had been so miserable that week. And it is... interesting.

It's a fairly small kid's museum as far as those go, but huge considering the area. It's in an old store front in downtown Columbia, which is a 20 minute drive for us. The location was gorgeous with all the leaves changing and I love a good downtown square. You go in, pay your admission (or it's free on Mondays) and just let your kids go. It's one big open room with little areas for different kinds of play. There's a grocery store, a tree house (which thanks to a really steep staircase, was terrifying), a firehouse, a hospital and a vet office (to name a few). Whit LOVED the vet office.

He would give the puppies a bath, brush them, and gave them LOTS of shots. Then he would put the puppies in these little carriers, and give them treats and walk them around the place.

He also really liked the hospital nursery area.

You could bathe, weigh, clothe and swaddle the babies. And even fill out their birth certificate.

And it's hilarious they point out this isn't a real one!

There were also a few things the kids could ride on. Thankfully the camaro isn't one of them! I loved Ben's ingenuity and using a waffle as a steering wheel. Necessity is the mother of invention!

There were also a lot of costume pieces to try on. And a lot of Amuse'um had exhibits geared towards older kids, so the place can keep up with your child. I think we'll be back again once it starts getting too cold to be outside. Which is getting closer and closer :-( We have snow forecasted for next week!

Oh and I just have to share this in case it changes after this weekend's game: my favorite college football team is ranked #1!!! AHHHHHH! Go Dawgs! Unfortunately we play Alabama, who is my husband's favorite team. Which means we can't be in the same house and watch the game. One of us will need time to mourn afterwards! 

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